Unshackle the False Fetters


We have all come from Light. Purity of light is always at the very core of our Being. And though we have not been taught this. We should come to recognize this as fact. For the Light that we truly are is Holy, Pure and Divine Love. Wholly uncapable of being tarnished by human discord or the mass consciousness within the core of our Being our true light shines so bright.

Some communities have taught us that we are “born in sin.” And this has led many to believe that we are beyond the ability to wholly redeem ourselves and that we need another who is not of this so-called state of being to “redeem” us. This has been a misconception that has come down to us through various sources. However, using our reasoning minds we may see that this would truly be impossible. How so?

man in gods image

We are all made in the image of our Creator. And we have been given free will. As the Creator has free will. All Self-Conscious individuated aspects of the Divine have this gift of free will. Thus, does the Creator allow the Creation to then propagate through a “sinful” state? Allowing one to be born initially “falling short of the glory of God?” Would this truly be created in the image of God?

What some have not considered is that free will comes with a responsibility. For as a soul gains experience in Creation a soul may chose to live in recognition of the Divine within and live in accord with this Cosmic Law. In this state we retain our knowledge of our Source and recognize ourselves as Sons or Daughters of God. And we live in this recognition through the fundamental principle upon which all Perfection rests. That principle is Love. The transcendent and magnificent activities of Love and Light are the natural conditions in which God created and expected His human children to manifest, obeying His command to Love.


Or the soul may turn away from its Source within and chose to “go it alone” as the expression goes. This brings about what is referred to as chaos and is also the birth of the carnal mind. As one truly is rejecting the Love given from our Source within which then leads to expressing one’s life through chaos. Or put another way, when we ignore the Divine that is resident within our very hearts, we turn away from our Source of Divine Love that has been given us inherently. And whatever lacks Love must return to chaos. Thus, we enter the realms of re-embodiment or reincarnation. As our bodies become susceptible to sin disease and death, when we reject or turn away from the Love of our Source ever held within. This is also termed living through the outer senses alone, thus expressing through the carnal mind. Or sense consciousness. Rather than God consciousness.

When we give up our innate right to live in accord with cosmic law. We begin a process that veils the truth from our consciousness as well. In biblical terms this is the “mist” that covered the land, spoken of in the Biblical book of Genesis. It is as if a fog or cloud comes upon us, consciously speaking. And we forget our origins which are truly of the Divine or God resident within our very core. This creates what has been termed a fall in consciousness or “the fall of man,” Biblically speaking.

When we retain or return to the true Light and Love that comes from our Source within. We express life through what many today would term a miraculous life. Though this is how life exists in true Perfection which comes about by living through Love. In this state there is no such quality as discord, imperfection or disintegration, disease and even death that may ever befall us. For when we are based on living through the Law of Love always focused on the Divine within. This brings about a Perfection that is maintained forever. A perpetual balance ensues between our inner and outer worlds producing immortality.

Heavenly dreams

There are whole systems of worlds that live constantly in this true cosmic level of expression always in whole, or in Holy, Perfection. Some never having left the Love within they have always retrained full knowledge of their Source and know they are truly Sons and Daughters of God. While others are returning to this state once more after having expressed through discord for some time. Much like we are in fact doing today here on earth. Fulfilling the return of the “prodigal Son or Daughter back to his true Father/Mother” who has always been awaiting and available to us should we turn inward to perceive from our central Heart chalice.

The “sin” spoken of that many believe resides within us comes about through our own misuse of Divine energy that is ever exercised through our own free will. However, having turned away from living in recognition of cosmic law; through the Divine Love that ever reside within. And this Divine Love should be our first and foremost active way of Being and perceiving.


Nonetheless, some of us have forgotten that we truly are Sons and Daughters of God. Some in fact believing that they are wholly separate from God; which is impossible. And that God is “somewhere” outside of themselves. When in truth is it not said that God is omnipresence (everywhere), omnipotent (all-powerful) and omniscient (all-knowing)? This includes within us does it not?

Jesus easter-2018-image

In reality Jesus Christ is a true redeemer. For Jesus came forth and established a “template” for success, if you will. A way by which we may follow in his footsteps. As all avatars that have come to us, Jesus demonstrated The Way. And what Jesus did actually fulfilled, on our behalf, an accomplishment at a planetary level. Thus, we may now follow suit and ascend at the individual level. So, none should ever believe that this article is in any way detracting from what Jesus has truly accomplished on our behalf. Our world would be far from where it is today. Had Jesus not accomplished all that he did. By established a teaching that is true and shows The Way back to God we to may strive to be reflecting in similarity this path back home.

Thus, we have all partaken of creating without this Love Divine. Not knowing that God who resides within us is the true doer and the true redeemer. We have wholly neglected this true aspect of ourselves. And this brings about an accumulation of what is termed karma which occurs when we live outside of Love. And this karma necessitates us coming back into embodiment to reconcile this as well as to finally recall that we are truly of the Divine and that we are to truly live in accord with cosmic law. Manifesting all that we do through Love that stems from within us. While recognizing God within is the true doer as well as redeemer of all we accomplish through this Love Divine. Thus, the expression “God in me I AM.”


The Holy Christ Self that each of us has is truly the open door which no man can shut. For through our own individuated Holy Christ Self we may enter this door of living in cosmic law. The Law of Love and the Law of One. Is achieved through being a perfect reflection of our Christ consciousness, as above so below. Ever achieved through turning inward; from within so without. This is how Love and Light returns to us fully. And this is how our Divine aspect is never tarnished by our deeds. For the Christ Self is the mediator. Keeping the most Holy of Holies ever pure. God never experiences the illusions of discord in any way. For they are not Reality. They are in fact unreal.

prodigal son

Once we break free from this misconception, we can focus on bringing about a permanent change in consciousness. And by turning inward and seeking God within we reestablish contact and a relationship once more with this aspect of self that is the true Self. As the “prodigal son” we too return to our true Father/Mother God. Who has always been mercifully awaiting our return Lovingly and completely with open arms. Awaiting to break out the feast in celebration for the return of His “wayward” son or daughter.

Thus, re-embodiment is a very gracious act of mercy on behalf of our Creator or God. Knowing that we are still maturing into the recognition that we ourselves chose to leave cosmic law. We have been allowed to come into form again and again until we recognize how to live in accord with cosmic law. Recognizing at last that Love is the true expression and leaving the thralls of chaos and discord behind forevermore.

None of us did this through being “born” in sin, initially or inherently. God does not impose “faults” of another to perpetuate an inherent form of Divine expression on a newborn soul. That would not be being created in God’s image, would it? Nor would it be the acts of a Divine God of Love. We ourselves turned away from cosmic law fully consciously by choosing the outer senses of perception rather than the Divine precepts of the law of Love and the Law of The One held always by the Divine within.


As stated above this is not saying that all of this is not unredeemable. For this is our very purpose. To remember our Divine state of Being as Sons and Daughters of God. And to return to living through Love Divine which is the Law of Perfection. This being wholly or Holy accomplished through turning inward. And recognizing that which we have forgotten we already have. A spirit spark of the Divine within. Holy pure and full of the Light of God without any error or sin. All residing within us in our very own heart-center.

And this aspect of Self allows us to transmute and transcend all of the discord we ourselves have brought about in this world. For Divine alchemy has furnished the violet flame to accomplish this task for ourselves and on behalf of others. A gift from the Holy Spirit. To redeem our God-given energy misappropriated. Thus, building our treasures in heaven. As through this purification process this redeemed energy returns to our casual bodies. Eventually allowing us to leave the realms of “cause and effect” for good. And returning to the realms of Cause alone.

By aligning ourselves through turning inward and re-establishing contact with what many refer to as that “still small voice” stemming from our hearts. We make the trek back home returning to living through cosmic law. Which in its most powerful, purest and simplest expression is living through Love Divine. Bringing ourselves back into a state of Perfection which many today do not believe can or does exist.


Yet, there are those that have existed on this very same world that have come before us that have attained this very level of existence. Some graduating to higher forms of expression throughout the cosmos. Attaining even greater creations of true Perfectionment. Though some choosing to turn back from this state of progress and digressing once more into imperfection, as did Atlantis. Which some of us are actually from in our past. We typically refer to these states of expression and being as living through Golden Ages.

Gaining our freedom once more is readily accomplished when we turn our attention inward rather than looking without to find a source to fulfill our needs. Our Divine nature can be brought forth as the forefront of our daily life and expression when we surrender the illusions of the carnal mind. A form of consciousness that is not permanent and born from perceiving through chaos.

When we turn inward, we discover that we may tune into what is referred to as our Christ consciousness which stems from Perfection. This is a true state of Being and aspect of Self as mentioned above. Another gift God bestowed upon ALL of His Sons and Daughters is an individual Holy Christ Self. All of us may align with and attain this aspect known as Christhood or Christ consciousness. By living as a true reflection of this aspect of Self.

God has no sin. Therefore, how could we inherently have this quality of Being Sons and Daughters of God and being created in His image and yet be a newly born soul in sin? The truth is we incurred this shortcoming, known as sin, when we ourselves turned away from our Divine Source within. As each of us has a spirit spark directly from God Himself within us directly in our heart-center. This is our Divinity. This is our direct Source in fractal expression within Creation. This is the meaning of as above so below, as within so without.

This is why many refer to this realm as illusory. Or the realm of Maya. For when we truly turn inward and recognize our Divinity, we drop the illusions of maya. And we return to truth in all of its aspects. Leaving the carnal mind, we return to perceiving through our Christ consciousness. Living through Love fully in accord with cosmic law. We loosen the chains we ourselves put on and we return to living in and through freedom. As God had and does intend for His Sons and Daughters to be Holy free. And the Light of God never fails!


Only we can loosen these fetters that we put on and gain our freedom or redemption ourselves. We are “awakening” to this knowledge. Ancient though it truly is. Thus, we are bringing back the ancient wisdom from time immemorial. We are the ones we have been waiting for. And we are the ones that will bring freedom into its truest and fullest form of expression. Through right living and right Loving in the Law of The One. Through recognizing we are the Divine in manifest form. Through the recognition that we have always been and always will be Sons and Daughters of God.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life in Truth

Gabriel F Duran

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