Limitless I AM Even Now


Limitless I AM Even Now

In times of need we all have and need God’s speed of thinking, feeling and Being. Knowing that all is instilling through our thoughts in our minds and in our feelings from within our hearts; is a distilling that is occurring all within and throughout our entire Being from God’s loving heart.


In Divine alchemy there is a process of attainment that occurs at the latter stages of the alchemical transmutation process. In which we achieve a state of transcendence that occurs through a process known as distillation. This is when we let the purifying fires of the alchemical process “burn-off” or consume all that does not serve. And in the completion of this process we are left with the purified essence of the Divine Spirit as the final product that rises and remains, with all else consumed in the process.

In a physical sense, many of us have heard of distilling that occurs in producing alcoholic beverages. Where the fires of distillation heat up the fermented product; and the final desired product of distilled spirits is the culmination of the process.

In a similar way, but from within our lives and Being this is what is occurring within us all; even now. How so?

As we all undergo the “fires” of transmutation and transcendence we are distilling the truer and higher “Spirit” of the Divine within. Which is birthing in us all a new way of perceiving, living and Being. As the alchemical fires purge and consume all of the human thinking and emotional dross that is being fermented from within us occurs. We are left with a distillation process that leaves in its stead the higher ways of Being as the true “Spirit” of the Divine rises as the final and finished product.

This is known as transcending the ways of Being that were of the human. Which then allows us to don the true Ways of the Divine that have always existed and still currently reside within. But has been “clouded” by the dross and ways of the human lesser self; which needs further “fermentation.” As the alchemical fires purge and consume the ways that do not serve that we have lived through while perceiving through the human persona, otherwise known as the carnal mind. We are left with the higher aspects of Spirit that remain as the refining process occurs, otherwise known as the Christ Consciousness. Thus, we transcend the lower self to give birth to the Higher Self.

This always occurs through the process of purging through the alchemical fires. For these fires are the consuming of the old way of being. Which makes way for the higher ways of Being to rise to the occasion, as it were. Much like the mythical bird Phoenix rising from the ashes of its past into the glory of resurrection.

phoenix rising

In a similar sense we can see that through these times that we may perceive as being extremely full of tribulation; we are truly birthing a new way of Being.

So many of us get “caught-up” in day to day living. Seeing the same routine ever manifesting day after day. And yet, when we are “forced” to perceive anew a true process of healing can and does occur. How we interpret this and use this “forced” process that is occurring to all of us is up to us as individuals. However, none can deny that a former way of perceiving and Being has occurred.

Many are talking about going “back” to the way things where before this process began as the objective. And yet, none can dispute that we have all been “forced” to perceive anew. And should we “revert” back to the old ways, we still have to recognize the process of change we have all undergone. Should we then truly look “backwards” as to our goal or should we be looking forward?

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In this process we have seen humanity come together in greater ways as perceiving one another as the same part of the whole. We have united in brotherly and sisterly love. Knowing that we all need to support one another’s efforts. That we are all in it together, as the saying goes. This process cannot “retreat” into the old ways of perceiving each other through a spirit of competition.

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For we all have become united in a spirit of cooperation and service to one another. As a means of Being and as a means of mental and emotional support. Never have I seen as many people being willing to engage in the process of social interaction even at a very base level. Just walking and talking to one another even through “social distancing.”

social distance

It seems that in our “isolation” a truer way of uniting can and has come together. Recognizing that our neighbor next door and our neighbor in the next Country is just as similar and loving as we ourselves are. Wanting to be filled with peace and harmony in that all-encompassing love Divine that we each have, inherently. Suddenly we are seeing the world as one united whole.

world in hand-1592415_1280

There may be some who are still going through the alchemical “fires” of transmutation and transcendence. By which we are still in the process of removing the byproduct of fermentation; by purging and consuming those mental and emotional dross that we have previously held unto. But this process of distillation is still occurring. The “old” ways of perceiving will not be coming back.

For the purifying powers of the distillation process will see the true and higher “Spirit” of the alchemical process “rise” to the occasion. Never will we be as selfish as we once were. We will see the value of ALL that we love living with us as a part of us. Even as there will be those that will have given their lives in the process. For this too is part of the transmutation process. Gifting us with the memory of such valuable lives that are still with us, just not in the same physicality of existence and Being.

Yet, through this “fermentation” process we will have also realized that in a similar sense we too have been “birthed” anew. For none of us can go back to the way things were in the past. Some of our loved ones will have moved on. And as if living our lives anew we must live with but a memory of such a dear loved one that is no longer with us, physically speaking.

transition beyond-3265854_1280

Know now and always that these brave ones who have proceeded through the transition in a physical sense need our utmost support. And our support is a true celebration of their lives as they lived them along with a true “letting go” of what once was, in a merciful way and in love Divine. For they have moved on and we cannot hold them back in their process of undergoing a stage of renewal; by us trying to hold onto the past in a selfish manner. For this holds them back and they will come to us to let us know. Should we attempt to hold them back. We both need a full release from what was. And this is the most loving thing we can do. Never forgotten, but always cherished.

As we “rise from the ashes” of this transmutation process of distillation that is occurring through the “purifying fires” we will truly be a transcendent humanity in the making. Perceiving ever anew. Never going back to our ways of perceiving in a more selfish manner from now on we perceive in a selfless way. For we have indeed recognized the value of ALL life throughout the entirety of our planetary home.


United we are as we bring forth the Higher Ways of perceiving and Being. The true Spirit within each and all will and already has arisen. A true mantra that has been gifted us by beloved Jesus the Christ is ours should we rise to the occasion. “I AM the resurrection and the life” – of my Divine Being and way of perceiving in every atom, cell and electron of my form. Right now, and forevermore.

Love and light expand in all that I think, feel, say, hear, see and do. For I see nothing but God’s love precipitating all about my Being, my home, my world and my affairs. Manifesting all that is necessary for me to alchemically transcend the ways that do not serve into the ways that serve one and all. I AM love Divine all of the time. I AM peace that knows no cease. I AM harmony within and without and my harmony manifests all about.

God in me is the doer. And I AM instilling God’s doings into all that I think, feel say and do. For I AM God’s light shining true. Beyond the constraints of space and time. I AM limitless even now and all of the time. For the point of power from which I perceive is the eternal now from which I vow to serve the Higher Ways of my beloved Spirit Presence that I AM. For I AM That I AM. In God’s loving ways I am ever raised.

As the alchemical process ensues. I am birthed anew. I rise from that fermentation process that allows me to shed all of the former ways that do not serve. So that I am left with Spiritual prowess from which I will not swerve. Refined by the purifying fires of the Divine. I AM the resurrection and the life of the Divine in me. Bringing forth God’s plan in all that I do. I AM God’s love shining through.

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God raises me higher and higher still. By the distillation process I AM birthed anew. To succeed at God’s speed, I AM living the life of God in man, woman and child. And to this I smile for God’s peace, harmony and grace I AM. Instilling the Divine through the purifying fires in my mind, my heart, my soul. God’s light in me does glow. As Spirit and Soul unite I AM that true Divine Light. Complete by thy pattern of perfection so fair. I AM made whole and I AM Holy everywhere.

Radiating God’s love and light from within to without. I AM my beloved I AM Presence all about. Limitless I AM in the here and now. I AM God’s power all about from within to without as above so below. I AM God’s plan to bestow love, harmony, peace and grace in nobility and honor all over the place. For I AM here I AM there I AM everywhere.

Limitless I AM even in the here and now. It is to God’s light alone that I bow. May I bless and heal, illumine and inspire. For I always seek God’s desire in me to fulfill. God’s light is all that is Real and all this I AM.

Fireproofed I rise from the ashes. Consumed in the process are the selfish ways of the past. For the lesser self has been consumed by God’s flame at last. And the Higher Self steps forward in God’s name. I AM a success, a blessing, to one and all. For I AM the Law of the One. United and strong I loved one and all. Fulfilling God’s call, to instill love in all.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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