The Healing Light and Love That I AM


Today is another day of joy and grace that fills my very heart-centered space. And when I live, move and have my being in a supernal flow of the Divine presence that I AM. I find that I am beyond the ways of discord and distraught. For within my heart-center is the unfed flame. The immortal Presence that I AM. Blazing forth in love divine all of the time.

In our world we find that we are saturated these days with all manner of information that is being brought forth to move us to be vigilant in our awareness of our own safety. And we are given many examples of how those that are less vigilant are faring. Our media “news” outlets seem to focus on avenues of expression that are somewhat fear based.


Whereas, the truth remains as always in a crystal palace that exists right within our Divine heart’s chalice. In the most secret chamber of our heart is the most holy of holies. And therein resides our unfed flame. The immortal expression of us that beats our very heart and allows us to draw breath. This is where our crystal cord seals us in God’s love and light. And this is how we are given expression to exist at this level of octave in creation.

This aspect of us has the power to direct our lives in a most harmonious and peaceful way. And when we turn inward and live and express from a heart centered way of perceiving and being. We then bring forth these higher states of frequency from within our being that fill our worlds. As we turn inward and perhaps rediscover that we truly are loving divine beings. We begin to express through this aspect of consciousness. This is living a heart-centered life. Where the heart rules the head. Rather than the head ruling the heart.

Instead of being consumed through perceiving through the intellect or brain alone. We begin perceiving through the heart that in turn guides and leads our brain/mind. This is known as living through intelligence, not just intellect. For then we perceive beyond the physical senses of the human form. Intelligence is inherently perceiving through our Christ consciousness or of the Divine. Whereas, intellect is perceiving through the gathering of knowledge through the physical senses, alone.

And when intelligence comes to the forefront then we are perceiving through the heart centered focus. This is a higher frequency of perception. Or in simple terms this is perceiving through our Higher Mind or Christ consciousness. This level of frequency is beyond the constraints of the lower frequencies. What does this mean?


When we live from our heart center ruling our lives we live in love, harmony and peace. This enfolds our minds/brains with these higher frequencies. And we begin responding to these higher attributes of God qualities in all that we think, feel, say and do. Which is truly an entirely different way of perceiving and being than most adhere to today. Faith, hope and charity bring us to higher states of crystal clarity. As we know that within us resides a power beyond the illusions of maya. We become strengthened in perceiving from the Divine that resides within that secret chamber of the heart which is the true mind.

For through the intellect alone we are consumed with gathering “facts” and “statistics” to reassure us as to our place and state of being. Somehow the “numbers” seem to reassure those that rely solely on intellect. Thus, the “need” for those in charge to see an upward trend in the recent “pandemic” before they feel safe.

Whereas when we live from our heart center, we do tend to live in a very positive state of being naturally. And this level of frequency fills us with love and light which in its pure state is beyond any disease, virus, microbe or bacteria that may affect us. When we live in this higher state of perception, we truly do become strengthened to a point of being immune to such ailments that would influence those of a lesser frequency.

This is why the reports are that those of already “compromised” states of being are the ones that are being affected by the recent outbreak of COVID-19. When we live expressing inharmonious we “open” ourselves up to virulent disease and disintegration at a greater rate. As opposed to those that are strong in health and maintain a high frequency state of being.

Even the mainstream media has reported about the difficulty of the recent pandemic virus thriving in warmer weather. Even mentioning that “ultra-violet” light stays the spread and/or existence of the virus. This should be a clear key to anyone who has read my blogs. For this is something that we ALL can do and express. Yet, we hear nothing from the mass media about the inherent defense we each have and can utilize.

electromagnetic spectrum

You see, the violet flame is a very high state of frequency. This is why the Ascended Masters instruct us to use this to clear away any and all discord that we have created. Whether it be from our “past” lives our in our current existence of expression, we are admonished to cleanse our impure creations by means of the violet flame.

Thus, we should all be envisioning ourselves surrounded in an oval encasement of the violet flame wherever we are. This being accomplished from our heart center as we call to our own individuated aspect of the Divine within. For example…

Beloved I AM Presence, surround me in a cocoon of violet flame wherever I am so that anything that is beyond the frequency of God’s perfection has no power whatsoever to influence me or affect my life in any way. See to it that every atom and cell of my being is cleansed by this violet flame so that I remain impervious to any frequency that would seek to do me harm. This which I call forth for myself, I call forth for every man, woman and child.

This statement with the full confidence and knowing of its effectiveness will ensure that we are beyond anything of discord be it virus, bacteria, microbe. Or even projections from another being that are less than the frequency of love divine. This is how the Ascended Masters remain cleansed of our wayward ways when being out amongst us.

The Ascended Masters have such a momentum of the love and light of God surrounding them that anything that is less than the perfection of God is consumed by their Divine light and love emanating from their presence which they already fully embody. In an instant they could consume all of the momentum of discord from us, where it not for our free will.

Yet, we too must become such a one. So confident and filled with the love and light of God that we are impervious to the lesser frequencies of expression, known as discord, disintegration, disease and death. So filled with the love and light of God that we draw forth from our heart center, that we ourselves become the healing light of God. This is the goal.

Our beloved I AM Presence that resides within our unfed flame right within our heart center will consume anything less than God success. Thus, we become such a pillar of the violet flame that anything within our aura is immediately consumed, transmuted and transcended to its pristine state of perfection which God created originally. This is the healing light and love that I AM. And this is the vision that we must maintain so that we are doing our part.

We must add to the list of those that are our “heroes” at this time in addition to our health care workers and food suppliers all that are willing to vision and decree for an entire family, neighborhood, city, state, nation and planet a projection of the violet flame that consumes any virus and in particular the COVID-19 virus that has infiltrated the weaker ones of our societies throughout the entire globe.

This is something that all of us can do. Not using our “intellect” but turning to the Divine within our heart center which is our true intelligence. This aspect of Self has no limit to the power which unfolds outwardly and enfolds us inwardly. Thus, imagine that everyone is doing this. How so?

From the level of the I AM Presence and the Christ consciousness there is nothing besides the One. Thus, any call made automatically includes every other One’s I AM Presence and Christ consciousness to back this call. Know this and your power is expressed more fully. This is the power of the light of God that never fails. And God’s light always prevails.

We have free will. We are inherently Divine within. Thus, we have to of our own accord make that call and vision that call consuming through the violet flame all that is less than God success. And the success of God goes out and accomplishes that call in divine timing. Remember that call has to be accomplished from our heart center through love. Where we are beyond the physical senses. For then we are calling forth from the higher senses and frequency of the Higher Mind.

This is beyond wearing a physical mask to “protect” us. For we become the protector of any and all that we decree this violet flame to blaze forth on their behalf. And we are all capable of mentally and verbally bringing this about.

The science of the spoken word is always more powerful. For we are in physicality. Thus, speaking the decree gives more momentous power behind it. However, even silently saying it; and holding the vision in either case is most beneficial.

For whatever reason, the mass media stops short. For they know that “ultra-violet” light stops the virus. Yet, in my humble way I presume that they envision that only a scientist or a pharmaceutical conglomerate can accomplish this. However, I know that “I AM a being of violet fire and I AM the purity God desires.” With free will and the love, wisdom and power to accomplish anything in accordance with God’s holy will. And God wills for all to be light all glorious and God victorious.

Remember, at the level of these decrees we are the Law of One. We are the I AM Presence of each and all. As well as all Holy Christ Selves or Higher Minds. Therefore, let us instill the healing light that I AM. Let us envision…

“I AM the violet flame saturating every atom, cell and electron of my being, my consciousness, my world and every other man, woman and child on this planet in the light of God that never fails. From a heart center that is true, God’s heart and mind ensues. Fulfilling our every call, God in us may stand tall knowing that we surrender all that is less than God’s success into this all-consuming violet flame and are thus healed and blessed, illumined and inspired. In God’s name I decree it and it is so!”


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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