God’s Love Healing That I AM

When we recognize that we are truly in a spiritual oasis that is filled with a paradise of God’s Divine love overflowing within the temple of our being. We feel the true aspect of Being that does come forth to heal all that we are. And this aspect of us is our Holy Christ Self. The redeemer of all that we are.

Each of us has a Holy Christ Self and an I AM Presence. Our Holy Christ Self keeps all that is less than perfection from touching the most Holy of Holies, our I AM Presence. Thus, we are given a redeemer that is the “open door which no man can shut” (Rev. 3:8). Always awaiting us to enter to into the chalice of our palace in our own individual oasis; known as the threefold flame within our heart.

When we accept the invitation and turn inward, we begin the process of healing that is based on love Divine. For love is the power of God manifest in our being that is able to transmute and transcend all of our ways. And this love is always found within the true center of being, the heart-center. This is the oasis from which we must turn to recognize our true Self.

As we turn inward, we begin to recognize that we have been living through a veil that we believed was truly our Real Self only to find out that this is a persona that we have expressed ourselves as. And in the process, we find out that we are indeed a reflection of our Holy Christ Self in physical form. Thus, the former self passes away (2 Corinthians 5:17). So that we may resurrect our perfect image of the Divine. The persona surrenders to the true aspect of being known as the Christ consciousness or Holy Christ Self.

This is known as donning the Christ consciousness. When we surrender the carnal mind, we are left with the Christ consciousness. And the carnal mind is ruled by the “brain” which perceives through the persona. Whereas the Christ consciousness is expressed through the heart reflecting our true aspect of Being or Self. As Jesus said, those who have seen the Son have also seen the Father (John 14:9); for the Father and I are One (John 10:30). So, the heart then becomes the true healing center of our being.

As we surrender to this aspect of Self, we are given powerful tools to begin the healing process that all must undergo. We recognize that we are responsible for all of God’s love that has been given us to express. And through this process of awakening we see that we have to redeem the energy that we used that is not expressed through love Divine.  This is where transmutation comes into our awareness. The violet flame is an aspect of Divine alchemy that is accorded us, so that we may know and show that we are indeed responsible for cleansing our energies that we have misused either knowingly or not.

This gift of transmutation that we invoke by both decree and visualization allows us to cleanse our energies that we have misused within our four lower bodies – (etheric or memory body, emotional or desire body, mental body and physical body). All that chose to ascend must go through this process of cleansing. And it truly is a joy to remove that which does not serve and increase in that which does serve.

Decrees have been given us by the Ascended Masters that allow us to take advantage of the momentum of millions of Souls who have used these same mantras, such as…

I AM a being a violet fire. I AM the purity God desires.

When we use these decrees that Ascended Masters have brought forth for us. They are aware of our using them and this allows our energies to be aligned with theirs. This gives us a tremendous boon in efficacy. Allowing not just the momentum to enfold us but also the energy of the Ascended Masters that create these very same mantras or decrees. For in this way we truly do align our energies with theirs.

How to Use the Violet Flame in 9 Steps

As we call forth these decrees, we must always be aware that we are using the science of the spoken word from our heart center. All decrees thus must be brought forth or spoken coming from our heart center within the heart chakra. This is the proper way to decree.


When decreeing we may visualize the process that is occurring. Such as seeing our entire body being consumed in the violet flame. This flame is not hot nor does it burn in any way. The violet flame is a very refreshing flame that has a feeling of healing when we are within it; very soothing. And when we do this, we must recognize that we are using the third-eye chakra to invoke these visualizations.

As we cleanse the energies we have used through this process, we begin to increase in frequency and vibration. And these cleansed energies are returned to our Causal bodies for further use in co-creating with God. As we are cleansed by invoking the violet flame we begin to realize that we are more joyful. What once weighed us down is no longer present. And so, there is a naturally more harmonious feeling that we have. For we recognize that living in harmony is the true way to express our lives.

All of this is how God’s love heals us. And as we take the initiative to bring this about, we demonstrate to our Holy Christ Self and our I AM Presence that we are ready to increase in frequency and this begins the process of ascending. This is the way that we manifest a true change in our lives. Every step that we take in ascending gets us closer to that state of becoming an ascended being and eventually an Ascended Master. This is why we go through the ascension. So that we can be everything we are.

As we go about our lives many of us have forgotten that we are able to serve ourselves and the world in a greater capacity. When we learn the process of cleansing for ourselves, we truly do accomplish much. For as we heal ourselves, we truly do heal the world in which we live. And the energy that we imbue becomes an energy that heals all.

Recognize that we are building a momentum of using this tool of cleansing our energies back to the purified state in which we have all received them. All of the energy that beats our hearts is given to us in the purest state of God’s love.

What we do with these energies that we are always receiving does dictate how we live within ourselves and how we reflect this in our outer worlds. All of us must recognize that we are truly co-creators with God. So, all of us must recognize how we use our energies.

This is why the violet flame has been given to us. Because we must reach a point of recognition that we can and will use our co-creative powers in harmony with God’s cosmic law. When we cleanse ourselves, we are removing what has been called human effluvia. This is the energy misused that creates a veil that does cloud our judgement and influences our keen powers of perception. Thus, the term “clouds our judgement.”

These energies do build up in places where there has been discord in the masses. Places such as where there are protests that are filled with anger or violence bring about a cloud of mass consciousness that may influence us as well. Any place where there is discord that has been allowed to accumulate is truly a form of creation manifest.


So, we have been given a tool to assist us in being impervious to these influences. And this is known as the tube of light. The tube of light is something that we may call forth from our I AM Presence who brings this into being on our behalf when we make the calls. And when we are surrounded by this tube of light we are kept cleansed from human effluvia or the mass consciousness that may be qualified with discordant energies that do not serve us.

This tube of light may be called forth through decree just like the violet flame. As the science of the spoken word is the most powerful action that we may invoke. This is why we are always to be careful of what we say when we use the words “I AM.” Because we truly are bringing forth everything that we say after the words I AM.

When we recognize this, we will always speak those words in harmony with the truth of who we are. I AM the purity God desires. I AM God’s love in manifest form. I AM my Christ consciousness that directs my very being right now and always. I AM always protected by my tube of light established by my beloved I AM Presence. I AM the light of God.

All of these are accurate truths that we are manifesting in our beings and worlds. And we simultaneously abstain from using anything that is not the truth of us, or that does not serve us in any way.

As we have seen we may bring about a God’s love healing through decrees that allow us to cleanse our energies that we have misused by calling forth the violet flame. And we can call forth for the establishing of a tube of light from our I AM Presence that keeps us in a zone that is kept clear of any discordant energy. As well as being cognizant of only speaking what we truly chose to manifest in our worlds. Especially when speaking the words, I AM. As these are fiats that we are giving that do bring about what we say.

Therefore, recognize that…

I AM God’s love healing right now and always.


Much Blessing, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran

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