I AM The Open Door Which No Man Can Shut

When we listen to Jesus’s words, “I AM the open door which no man can shut” we should be filled with wonder hope and joy. For such words bring to us power.  As we recognize the truth behind these words, we see that within us at the very center of our being is the truth of who we are. We are always asked to turn inward to our heart center, why?  And how so?

When many of us awaken we begin to feel that we have been in a spiritual drought. And some of us spend years seeking to find that spiritual oasis by turning our attention outward. We feel that if we have been in a drought it is because we don’t have the knowledge or love that we are seeking. We seek spiritual leaders and those that have knowledge of the esoteric truths. And we begin amassing a tremendous amount of knowledge in these esoteric and occult teachings. Yet, our true path doesn’t arrive until we recognize that the true knowing is not found in the without. It is discovered always from within.

Jesus-resurrection-flameJesus, the Archetype of the Christed One

This is what Jesus was teaching us. That when we turn inward, we will find that open door which no man can shut. For we each have a Holy Christ Self that lives within the most Holy of Holies within the sacred chamber of our heart center. This is known as the threefold flame as well as the Christ consciousness. And when we turn inward, we recognize that we truly have a savior that gives us the Way. That directs our way of true living in the gentlest and yet straight and narrow path. Which leads to our recognition that within ourselves resides a spiritual oasis of paradise that saves even our very soul.

When we truly awaken, we recognize that seeking without doesn’t satisfy us. Nor can anything from the without save our very soul. We must embody all that we truly are. And this requires turning inward and recognizing the Divinity that already resides and exists within us. This is the path to the “open door which no man can shut.” This is the path of true initiation. This is why we have been given the picture of the I AM Presence and the Holy Christ Self along with ourselves. That we may know the true structure of our Divine Being.

And we all access the Divinity within through our heart center. The central chakra of our being has the secret chamber that is the “open door which no man can shut.” This is where the inner Guru resides. This does not negate the necessity for an outer Guru that would assist us in recognizing these truths. For these ones are further along the path than we are. Yet, any true Guru will always point us in the direction of turning inward. No one should ever teach us to live in accordance with their way. As the true path and Way is always found within. Wholly and Holy unique to each individual is the true mandala that we can be.

When we progress along our spiritual path, we come to the recognition that we have all been created as perfect Beings. We have all been given by God everything that we would ever need to fulfill our purpose of being co-creators in Creation. And when we live within God’s laws, we are given all that is necessary to bring forth the fulfillment of our dharma. The cosmos has universal laws which we must abide by and live within so as to live in harmony and in accordance with our Divine plan and path.

Many of us have strayed from these laws. And when we stray from these laws, we become a law unto ourselves. This is when we see our reality through the eyes of imperfection. For we have chosen to live outside of God’s laws. This is when we seek outwardly what has always resided within. When we live in accordance with our truth we always turn inward to see how to proceed. When we fail to do so we put ourselves before God. For God resides within, first and foremost.

However, when we live in accordance with cosmic law. We are included in God’s laws. We are not a law unto ourselves. Thus, we are led by God and this brings forth the harmony that allows us to achieve everything we have come to appreciate through the proper exercise of our free will.

And when Jesus was teaching others, he was directing them to turn inward. This was the meaning of “I AM the open door which no man can shut.” No one has access to our heart center but ourselves our Holy Christ self and our I AM Presence. All that is Divine is opened to us through our heart center. For this is the true inner ear from which we hear from and speak to God’s hierarchy. Thus, when we live in accordance with focusing our attention on the heart center, we truly do switch consciousnesses.

We go from the consciousness of the carnal mind or the persona. This is the consciousness that believes that we must seek outwardly to find out who and what we are. This is the part of us that feels we must don a persona that is in accordance with who and what society thinks we are. This is living within the world and being a part of the word. This is living outside the law of God or in other words living as a law unto ourselves. Separate from God’s edict to never have others before God, which always resides within.

When we live from our heart center, we live in the Christ consciousness that resides within. And we release the perceiving through the persona or carnal mind. We become God conscious and are filled with love Divine in all that we do. This is putting God first and foremost in our lives. For within the secret chamber of the heart is all truth and all-knowing brought forth through love, wisdom and power balanced perfectly as the threefold flame. When we have a balanced threefold flame, we retain all the love, wisdom and power that we qualify with God’s virtues. Thus, we truly cognize that we are all living through God’s law which is centered in Divine love balanced through wisdom and the flowing in the power of God’s will.

And so, we are humbled yet full of wisdom. For we recognize that we are made whole and complete when we live in accordance with who we truly are. Not apart from our Holy Christ Self but in accordance with our Christ consciousness.  This is what was spoken of when we were told to live in the world but not be of the world.  Instead of living through what society has thought we should be and allowing the outer to dictate our lives. We begin living our truth which is living the path of the Divine within. This knowing cannot occur while we are perceiving through the outward persona or carnal mind. For we must embody that perfect reflection that our Holy Christ Self instills in us from our heart center.

guru-chela-relationshipThe Guru-Chela Relationship with the Ascended Masters – (MP3 CD)

Yet, there is a great advantage to having a true Guru that leads us to this knowing. And this is what the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood do. These are our fellow brothers and sisters on the path that are our true elders. These are ones who have completed their sojourn in self-discovery in physicality and have recognized these truths personally. They have fully completed the path of initiation.

Having fully completed what we ourselves are striving for these are the ones that are able to act as a true Guru on our behalf. For these ones have followed the true hierarchy to achieve immortality.  And Jesus and Mother Mary, Buddha, Maitreya, Sanat Kumara and many others that we are familiar with are members of the Great White Brotherhood.

When we are willing to be chelas of these Gurus we greatly accelerate our path to immortality or ascension. Achieving a graduation from rebirth through reincarnation we no longer have to go through re-embodiment in physicality. We return to the higher 4th dimension of Creation. These Gurus have truly surpassed our realm or octave of Creation. They reside in the next octave above physicality.

Thus, this is where we graduate to when we have accomplished all of our dharma and balanced our karma. With respect to our karma we have been given a dispensation, in that we only have to balance fifty-one percent of our karma in order to qualify for ascension. And ascension is the goal. Each of these beings known as Ascended Masters has already accomplished the ascension. The name of their association is called the Great White Brotherhood and was derived from their auras which emit a continual glow of Divine white prana throughout their bodily forms.

guru-chela-relationship DVDThe Guru-Chela Relationship, Darshan 16 – (DVD VIDEO)

When we are willing to be in the relationship of Guru/chela we are turning our lives over to our elder brothers and sisters to guide our path. And they immediately turn our attention inward and have us live through our hearts center. This is one of the first things I was told from everyone within the hierarchy that I communed with. I was amazed at the amount of comments that I received about living in my head. Yet, after much questioning as to this means of being. I have found a tremendous advantage in being heart centered. Rather than living through an ego centered consciousness.

The energies from human effluvia and the mass consciousness not to mention those beings that don’t have humans’ interests in mind have no ability whatsoever to influence us when we are living from the heart center. For they have no access to this “open door which no man can shut.” Our Holy Christ Self and our I AM Presence would never allow anything that is not Divine to enter into our hearts. Thus, we shed a tremendous obstacle that has influenced us for numerous embodiment’s when we choose to live from within our Christ consciousness or heart center.

This requires us shedding that part of us that has been worldly. For we are to be in the world and yet not of the world. This is resurrecting our Christ consciousness as a way of perceiving, living and having our being. For this is the truth of who we are. And when we turn inward and perceive from our heart center this happens to us automatically. Through the process of leaving that which does not serve. We come to see the true reality. And we drop the maya, glamour and worldly ways of being.

This is what allows us to achieve that spiritual oasis in what we once thought was a spiritual drought. For we are newly aware that within us is the key to all that we will ever need and desire to have. As we drop that which does not serve, we make room for all that truly does serve. And our Gurus will just as readily as we are able to integrate these initiations bring forth an acceleration of our path to immortality. This is why we are able to ascend in one lifetime with their support. For they bring forth the true and complete armor of God in which we are raised.

So, for those that have felt like they are in a spiritual drought, there is hope. And the spiritual oasis that includes the paradise we all seek is found when we turn inward. As we successfully turn inward there is no doubt that we will be directed to officiate an affiliation with the Ascended Masters true representation here in physicality. The Great White Brotherhood has sponsored through their official messengers a means to assure we have the opportunity to establish a true Guru-chela relationship. And as already mentioned our paths are greatly accelerated when we live in accordance with God’s hierarchy.


Beings that have ascended from all over the world are members of the Great White Brotherhood. Helping us all to recognize the fountain of immortal youth that is our inherent birthright. These ones are ever desirous of us joining their ranks of living a life in accordance with God’s laws which are cosmic laws that graduate us from the rounds of rebirth through the wheel of reincarnation.

And soon we too can come to know that when we don that seamless robe and the alchemical marriage of Spirit and soul takes place. We too may join the ranks of true brotherhood and sisterhood in service to the light of God that never fails. Where seeming miracles are everyday occurrences when we live in harmony with God’s laws. The cosmic flow of God’s grace will fill us right now and always. For God is harmony and love Divine, all of the time.  And so we too can ascend in this lifetime.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran

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