The Light of God Never Fails!

I was listening to a show about angels and one of the comments that a person made was that her angel guide told her that angels are beings of light and humans are beings of love. And this truly is a great way to recognize that our greatest ability is to manifest love in all that we do. For the love that we bring forth does inherently bring about greater light into our lives.

When we look at the example of those that have awakened to their spiritual path. We see that the striving after greater illumination is one of the greatest attributes. Whether it is through prayer, decree, mantra, meditation or physical acts of faith, hope and charity. The goal is to accumulate greater light and to let the Divine light consume the darkness that had or does exist. And God’s love and light consumes all darkness and transmutes it into love, light and illumination. Thus, we suddenly recognize that we must be ever vigilant with our light and how we use it. How so?

We must recognize that when we strive to live in harmony through love Divine, we are gaining a momentum of light. When we share our love with our family and friends, we are truly a being of love. And by spreading this love through harmony we bring about peace. We also may recognize that all of humanity is our family. And we see that God loves all equally. And when we truly understand this it is important to know that we are living from our heart center.

All of these are actions that stem from our hearts and fill our lives with love, gratitude and joy. And when we live with this type of attitude we are living in and from our truth which is filled with wisdom. For we are living as God created us. As God gave us free will in and through love. Thus, living through love is what God intends for us all. God is desirous of us expressing from our hearts because this part of us is our true center of expression which means it is our true center of power. And this allows us to focus in what counts. Rather than being consumed with the mental drifts that lead us as the wind does here and there.

Living in a harmonious and virtuous life within God’s laws brings about an increase in our light that we emit. And as we continue to live in this manner, we bring about more love and light into our lives. We manifest an accumulation of good works. And these good works bring forth more of their kind. In other words, when we live in love and light, we accumulate more love and light in our lives. Thus, our love and light expands and intensifies in us and in our worlds.

In like manner if we choose to express through discord, we bring about more of this in our lives. Like attracts like. Having a disposition in which we see everything through the lens of lack or of noticing everything that we believe is bad. We bring forth more of this in our everyday lives.

Thus, we recognize that we are expressing the law of the circle. Everything we bring forth in our lives comes back to us. Or as the saying goes, everything comes full circle. For we are the creators of our energy and our worlds are filled with the creations that we bring forth in all of Creation. Each according to their kind.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Thus, we live in love expressed in harmony which makes us happy. Love Divine brings forth more Love Divine all of the time filling us with happiness, compassion and joy. When we share our love with family, friends and all whom we meet. We are building a momentum of love that intensifies and expands in our lives. This then spreads from us to our loved ones and friends. They then carry this off to others and so forth. Showing that love gathers more of its kind all of the time.

Thus, we live through wisdom. For we are using God’s laws to bring forth more of what truly serves us. While refraining from that which does not serve. Seeing the world filled with all that we love and noticing the balance that exists in our lives keeps us on par to receive more of this, right now and always. We seek to express through love and this brings about greater light in out lives. For light fills us with love and love fills us with light.

Thus, we live using our power of creativity to express in our worlds all that we enjoy. Using our energies to manifest greater love and joy. Sharing our love through harmony in a peaceful way with all that we think, feel, hear, see, do and say. Brings about God’s love in greater ways. Returning to us more of their kind, this is the blissful power that can be expressed through us all of the time.

heart-chakra-threefold-flame-smThreefold Flame

We see now how we are expanding our love and therefore our light. And when we accomplish this in balance we retain and expand these attributes in our lives. For each of us has a threefold flame that resides within the secret chamber of our heart chakra. And this threefold flame is filled with plumes of love (pink), wisdom (yellow) and power (blue).

When we manifest these attributes through imbalance, we don’t retain what we have been given. All must be accomplished through balance in order to be retained. This is the attribute of wisdom that is central to our lives. Just like the central plume of our threefold flame is that of wisdom. This central plume of wisdom keeps the other attributes of love and power accumulating through balance.

It is always wise for us to seek out a balanced expression of God’s love and light that flow through us in wisdom and using our creative powers through harmony and in a peaceful manner. When we balance these attributes in our lives, we see that we truly do live as God intends. Our lives are accumulating an expansion of these plumes in a balance that gifts us with our Christ consciousness. For our Holy Christ Self is the perfect expression of our threefold flame always perfectly balanced.


Thus, when we go into prayer, decree, mantras and visual meditations we can bring about the expanding of love and light in balance. Because we are truly using love, wisdom and power to accomplish this. We do these from our heart center which contains our love Divine. We use the throat chakra in decrees and prayers given verbally which is the power of God’s will manifesting through us. And we use words, thoughts and visualizations in prayers and meditations in which we bring forth a visual representation of that which we will to manifest. And these we can do alone as well as with a gathering of like minds. In prayer groups or meditation groups or decree groups.

All of these ways of expressing are bringing about greater happiness in our lives which brings about greater light in our lives. As mentioned before light brings forth more love and love brings forth more light. These being reciprocal energies. We are accomplishing what expands the light in us through the joy of service. And this expands the light in others that we live and share our lives with. Because our energies do wash over our loved ones.

I-AM-Presence-chart-275Tube of Light

This is one reason why we have been given the tube of light as a decree of protection. For many have not awakened to their true nature as co-creators in Creation. And so, they unknowingly fill their lives with hate, gossip and other discordant thoughts and energies of expression that do not serve. And being around ones such as these by happenstance or by choice does have an impact on our energies. So, we have been given a means of protection by our own I AM Presence who fills us with this tube with light that is impervious to discordant energies coming from other humans.

Notice that this is a tube of “light.” Once more calling for this tube of light daily expands the light that we exist in and through. And with each expansion an intensification also occurs. Thus, like the saints and sages of all times we are accumulating more light in our lives. So as the screen of life passes through the winds of time, we are doing our part to expand God’s love and light that we inherently are all of the time.

Having this expansion and intensification of love and light accumulate throughout our lives brings us into a greater focus of living from our Christ consciousness perceived through and from our heart center.  The central chakra within our being. Allowing the purified light of God to fill us from within to without. For our Holy Christ Self is our redeemer and mediator between our I AM Presence and us.

We are then sending love and light to Beings that are the full expression of love and light. Just like Jesus and Elijah our Holy Christ Self is a being of light. Our Holy Christ Self fills us with love Divine and God’s light all of the time. And when we show that we can hold the balance by using these gifts of pure prana aright our I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self expand these attributes in our life. Knowing that we have recognized how to use God’s love and light aright.  Once more the law of the circle comes full circle in our lives.

We are living a life that flows forth from the ever present now. We have all expressed a past and we are hopeful for a glorious future. So, let it be known that the ever eternal now is our point of power. It is from the now that we pray for forgiveness for misqualifying our God-given energies from the past and/or present.  And it is from the now that we can choose to expand and intensify the expression of love and light in greater ways that heal our bodies and lives.

By seeing through eyes that have been purified by God’s love and light within us. We see all as hopeful and as we live in perfect balance of expressing love, wisdom and power. This brings forth greater treasures of faith, hope and charity that we can express in daily living. And through these actions we come full circle and bring about more love, wisdom and power. This is the vortices of love and light that raises our frequencies and vibrations towards God on high. As we flow in love Divine that glows from within to without. Allowing us to expand in the light of God that never fails.

ascendedmastersAscended Masters

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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