Lightbearer That I AM

Living in love Divine is living in God’s light all of the time. For the light of God is the compelling force that showers us with God’s ways. Which manifest through us in myriad ways. Bringing us ever closer to the pattern of perfection so fair. In which we see God everywhere. This is the path of the Lightbearer. This is who we truly are.

Do we remember these words spoken and who spoke them? “I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.”  (John 8:12) Jesus brought forth these words to help us appreciate the example and pattern that He set on our behalf. For this is not an exclusive attribute. As Jesus said he that followeth me shall have the light of life. So how do we “follow” Jesus?

Perhaps this is where we recognize that the true way to follow Jesus is by being the living example of that light of life. When we recognize a Divine quality that we feel is of merit we then have the opportunity to embody this quality or aspect of being. We chose to be molded or in the likeness of that which we realize is the best example of what we are striving for. And Jesus brought forth a path that all of us can emulate and embody. For Jesus is the true Lightbearer which also means Christbearer.

*[ Lightbearer means Christbearer, one who bears the Light which is Christ, one who bears the responsibility for Christhood in himself and others by defending the truth and honor of God; one who is anointed with the Christ consciousness and bears this enlightenment to all. The lightbearer is the Keeper of the Flame whose motto must be “I AM my brother’s keeper—I AM the keeper of the Light who is Christ in my brother.” ]*

* – Taken directly from The Summit Lighthouse Encyclopedia – Lightbearer.

Recognize that when we expand in love Divine, we expand our light. For love and light are synonymous. And in order to expand our love and light we must maintain harmony all of the time. For love and harmony are qualities that are inseparable. And when we live harmonious, we also live in peace. When we are able to maintain these qualities in our lives, we also bring forth virtuous ways of right living that manifest in our consciousness, being and world. All of this brings forth an expansion of God’s light within us. And so as within, so without.

Also, when we embody these virtuous attributes of God qualities, we open the avenue for them to also expand in our outer world.  Keep in mind, however, that all begins from the within. We must be the embodiment of these ourselves in order to expand them all throughout our lives and worlds. This is known as aligning ourselves with the will of God. Just like Jesus provided for us a living example by his life. So too God is desirous of us being the “light of God that never fails” by our being a living example of this law.

When we take the time in our lives to think about how to express what we think and feel in terms that are loving.

Perhaps we want to expand on our personal views in conversation. Do we impose them on another? Or do we think of ways to bring our views forward in a more neutral and nonconfrontational way? Using tact and having consideration for others views by truly listening without imposing our views directly brings forth the quality of compassion and understanding. Knowing that our views are not the only ones held and certainly not the only correct ways of perceiving and being increases God’s light in us. This ability to have understanding and compassion also brings about an expansion of God’s light in us and in our worlds.

When we take the time to see the best in our family and friends.

We are bringing forth a quality held dear by Mother Mary, who holds the immaculate concept for all of us. This is the attribute of seeing everything through the eyes of purity and love. Seeing the best in everything and everyone. And recognizing that all of us are going through a process of soul development that further refines our love and light we express. As we recall the axiom like attracts like. When we envision all of the beauty and love that we see in others. We likewise attract more love and beauty in and for ourselves. And as we further expand these qualities of perception, we expand the light of God in our consciousness and being.

When we take the time to see ourselves in the most loving manner.

We are honoring the truth that all begins from within and expresses through the without. We must recognize that we are Divinity in manifest form. God has brought us into Creation for a reason. This means we truly are the love and light of God in us expanding upon the perfection that God already created. Do we recognize this and live in accordance with this knowing? We are beings of love. And as this love expands, we increase our luminescence into expressing as a lightbearer. By refining and perfecting our ways of expression so that we are in alignment with God’s will by living a virtuous life, we are expanding the light within ourselves. And completing the law of the circle this draws to us more expansion of God’s light in our consciousness, being and worlds.

As we recognize that these are attributes that we all live for and chose to embody we are the lightbearer in becoming and in practice. Our zeal for right living becomes our everyday way of life. And when we embody and express ourselves through virtuous living, we are expanding the true light of God within us that glistens and sparkles with God’s love and light shining through our very being so very bright. Our worlds are transformed into the living expression of God-good in all of God’s neighborhood. Filling our lives with love Divine that expands our light in greater and greater brilliance all of the time. Bringing forth more of its kind each and every day more and more in every way. The lightbearer is birthed anew.

And when we embody that light, we are also manifesting in our lives the true meaning of the phrase “I AM my brother’s keeper.” For those that have awakened to the Divine Light that exists within are also all called upon to be the ones who maintains a focal point of this Light for those that have yet to have awakened to this inner calling. And this is a very Divine privilege and a most noble pursuit. For we are following in the footsteps of all of the great avatars that have come to assist humanity. Sanat Kumara, Gautama Buddha, Lord Maitreya as well as Jesus Christ have all led the Way. By expressing this attribute of keeping the light as a focal point or flame for all of us. Thus, we too are added to the list of those called upon to keep the flame of God’s light.

*[ A Lightbearer bears the Christ consciousness as he internalizes the Word of God. A Lightbearer is one who daily assimilates and becomes the mystical Body and Blood of Christ; his aura is filled with the light that is the by-product of his state of Light, state of Being, state of Mind and state of Consciousness—his Self-Awareness in God and in his Christ. And that God Self-Awareness we call God consciousness, and that Christ Self-Awareness we call Christ consciousness. ]*

* – Taken directly from The Summit Lighthouse Encyclopedia – Lightbearer.

When we think about this it truly moves us. To daily assimilate and become the mystical Body and Blood of Christ; we become filled with an aura of light from our Christ Self-Awareness which we call the Christ consciousness. Thus, we embody our Christ consciousness through right living and being ever concerned with being consumed in God’s love and light with all that we think, feel, say, do, hear and see. Expanding the light of God right know and eternally. We shed the ways of the carnal mind to be consecrated in the Mind of Christ illuminating our path right now and always, as a true lightbearer does.

We can keep that flame alive for ourselves our family members and friends. And expanding upon that even further we can keep that flame of God’s light alive for an entire planetary sphere. For we all come from the unfed flame within our heart center. Our I AM Presence brought forth as a spirit spark of the Divine our form into manifestation by means of this unfed flame. This is who we truly are. This spirit spark referred to as the unfed flame is the light of God that never fails.

I AM a lightbearer for God’s planet known as freedoms star. Bringing forth a luminous presence of light Divine. By being the truth of who I AM shining forth in God’s light all of the time. Manifesting God’s light aright I shall be ever luminous right now and forever. Keeping the flame of God’s light for myself and those who have yet to see and know that they too are the light of God that always exists within. Let my Christ mind shine through for all to see. And let all of God’s brilliance shine right through me. In peace and harmony, I AM keeping God’s light shining forth from within to without. In love Divine and liberty too expressed in freedoms way.  Manifesting God’s harmony as the lightbearer that I AM right now and always.

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran

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