Cosmic Law or A Law unto Ourselves?

Cosmic Law or A Law unto Ourselves?

Our lives are enriched by living from within our heart centers. Although todays world tends to focus on living through increased intellect. The truth is that when we perceive from our heart center, we transcend our lives in a most magnanimous way. For we are truly beings of love and when we live through our heart centers, we expand this aspect of ourselves throughout all of our life. And so, others can readily see that significant changes have truly occurred in us.

When we awaken to our spiritual needs, we discover that balance is an attribute that needs to be foremost in our lives. And in order to truly achieve balance in our lives we must align with our higher self otherwise known as our Holy Christ Self. This is the true mediator between our beloved I AM Presence and ourselves. And achieving this alignment is how we live a balanced life. How so?

Our Holy Christ Self is also known as our Christ consciousness. And our Christ consciousness is accessed through the center of our being within our heart center is the sacred chamber of our heart. This is the portal to accessing our Holy Christ Self.  And this is our true consciousness that is beyond the human consciousness known as the carnal mind or the ego that most of us consider to be our persona.

Notice that consciousness is not resident in the brain. For the brain is merely a receiver of the mind. Much like a radio is a receiver of various frequencies of radio stations, yet is not the manifestation of the actual radio station which airs the programs. So, our brain is a receiver for consciousness that is beyond the brain. And Christ consciousness is a higher frequency of consciousness than human consciousness. Thus, the mind of Christ is beyond the perceptions of the carnal mind. The brain is the receiver of conscious expression.

When we awaken to our Christ consciousness, we expand our awareness of who we are. We recognize that we are truly the divine in manifest form. And we realize that we have had access to our Holy Christ Self all along. Giving us the desire to reflect our Holy Christ Self in all ways. For this is how we expand the kingdom of heaven. By being the living manifestation of God’s will expressed through our every thought, word and deed.  

We have always been given the gift of life through the “sacred fire” that our I AM Presence sends us in every embodiment. This is known as the “unfed flame” that resides within our sacred heart center chakra. In other words, the spirit spark of the divine that we each are. And it is the use and/or misuse of the divine flame we have expressed in our lives through free will that determines our lot in life otherwise known as karma.

When we live virtuous lives expressing the divine from within to without while keeping in harmony and gracefully living within cosmic law, we ascend. This is a raising process in consciousness that naturally occurs through right living. We express divine love and expand the light of sacred fire we have been given through right action of free will expressed in our lives. Thus, we find fulfillment existing in our lives continually. And we express all in accordance with God’s laws through the proper use of free will.

We truly live in balance through love, wisdom and power – the threefold flame attributes of our sacred heart center chakra. Because we express a perfect balance of love, wisdom and power we have this reflected in our lives in a permanent way. Being the reflection of our Holy Christ Self becomes the harmony that we joyfully live and express through in faith, hope and charity. Knowing all we do is in accordance with cosmic law we truly ascend.

However, when we express lives that are filled with strife and discord, we become “a law unto ourselves.”  Wholly apart from God’s laws or, cosmic laws. We experience lives that are unfulfilling. Having expressed through much imbalance we become very aware of the statement “we reap what we sow.”  For, once more, karma will very clearly delineate and demonstrate to us the use or the misuse of the sacred fire we have manifested in our lives. Giving us lives in which we see very clearly what we have done to others and how it truly feels to have the same done to ourselves, whether in this embodiment or the next.

Throughout many embodiments we have identified with living in duality. Where expressing through either light or darkness has held sway in our lives in many varying ways. Experiencing the consequences of living life as a law unto ourselves we eventually grow weary of “going with the wind,” so to speak. And we begin to recognize that living in cosmic law under God’s direction is the only way to transcend our current state of being. Thus, as the prodigal son does, we return to our heavenly Father. Recognizing the value of our own mediator our Holy Christ Self. We seek to come into alignment once more with our beloved I AM Presence.

Thus, we eventually choose the route of living through grace of expression in accordance with cosmic law. Recognizing that living in harmony brings about a peaceful life that is fulfilling. For with harmony comes a calm state of being that allows us to gracefully come into alignment with the divine within. No more a law unto ourselves we are supported by the entire cosmic law of Creation. We recognize that our soul has always been desirous of expressing through Godly attributes and virtues expressed in harmony and peace. Our sacred heart chakra becomes integral to our way of perceiving, and so should it, as this is the manifestation of our Holy Christ Self or Christ consciousness expressing from within to without. Therefore, we proceed along the process of initiation that takes pace in the ascension.

Freedom is achieved through ascending back to the plane of awareness that is beyond the confines of space and time expressed through a continual re-embodiment known as reincarnation. Yet, this freedom is achieved, ironically some may think, through a complete recognition that living a law unto ourselves is definitely and even defiantly not the way to live. For it is through living in harmony with cosmic law which is God’s law that true freedom of expression is achieved and sustained.

We go full circle returning, once more, to the recognition that cosmic laws exist for a reason. And living in harmony with cosmic law is truly being an expression of complete freedom in God’s Creation as a divine being. Thus, we become the divine in manifest form. We recognize that at the center of our beings and lives has always been the aspect of self that we truly are. We embody our Christ consciousness and this allows us to reflect our Divinity from within to without. Just as we do, as above so below.

The Power of Surrender and Forgiveness

Through transition from the carnal mind to the Christ consciousness we go through a process of surrender and forgiveness. For without surrendering the human consciousness known as the carnal mind and living through the Christ consciousness we will not change. Thus, we surrender all that is less than our Christ consciousness. We surrender the ways of the past and strive to maintain the virtues and principles of the divine within. Surrendering all misuses of the sacred fire we have ever expressed. We surrender all sense of struggle, selfishness, self-pity, self-justification, self-condemnation and self-awareness apart from the divine flame within.  Gifted to us by our beloved I AM Presence.

In the process of surrender we accomplish the act of forgiveness of self and others for all the misuses of the sacred fire. For God freely forgives us. Thus, it is truly ourselves that must come into alignment with the forgiveness that God has already given us. And there is no moving forward without this initial step as all of us have fallen short of the glory of God.

The act of forgiving one’s self releases us from the bondage of carnal mindedness. When we seek forgiveness and acknowledge the forgiveness that we have already been given. We agree to move beyond the previous ways of perceiving, no longer desiring to repeat our misuses of the sacred fire we have so generously been given.  We transition into perceiving solely through our Christ consciousness as a permanent state of being.

The only way to be fully forgiven is to fully forgive others, or in other words, in order to forgive ourselves we must also forgive all others. This completes the law of the circle. Having acknowledged our own misuses of the sacred fire we know that others are at various stages of coming to this same recognition. And since all have fallen short of the glory of God we cannot and do not hold others accountable. For this would be keeping ourselves in bondage.  A great misuse of the sacred fire we have all been given. For if God freely forgives all who repent, who are we to expect a more exact measure of the law unto another?

Having attained forgiveness and moving beyond the need to repeat what we have already learned through direct experience. We then fully recognize the power of surrender. For to surrender the past ways of perceiving that where not expressed in harmony with the divine within is to move beyond the need to express through the carnal mind. No longer desirous of existing through expressing in discord and disharmony we leave the ways of perceiving that we had held in the past, behind once and for all. Thus, we are left wholly with our Christ consciousness.

And our Christ consciousness brings us to the goal of all embodiments which is the ascension. No longer needing to express through duality. For the middle path which is the balanced expression of duality has always existed and now this knowing has come into our awareness. This is known as the Way. This is also known as the expression of divinity through the trinity. Father/Mother, Son and Holy Spirit. A horizontal balance and a vertical alignment that aligns the three upper chakras with the three lower chakras with the middle point being the balanced expression through the sacred heart chakra. The sacred heart center being the trinity of love, wisdom and power expressed as faith, hope and charity.

As we ascend, we align ourselves and merge with our Holy Christ Self and our I AM Presence. This is what is referred to as donning our immortal light body, or our deathless solar body. We transition from beings of love exclusively to beings of love and light. Culminating with the purifying fires of the ascension flame we are made complete and whole. Fully beyond the necessity to re-incarnate anymore. For. We become beyond the confines of time and space. Filled with love divine and purified through holy spirit or prana we become luminous beings of divinity in manifestation. Achieving the higher fourth dimensional plane of awareness and existence.

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran

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