In the Way of Ascended Master’s Love

In the Way of Ascended Master’s Love

Today we are talking to you about the real ways in which humanity lives. We are now at a point in which humanity is now realizing how they have lived effects them in a direct way in which they are now seeing their actions demonstrate to them all that they have done. I am now speaking to all of humanity. What I am now saying is what everyone in humanity needs to consider.

This is the reason why I have come to you now to express exactly what I am telling you. I am going to tell you now that this is how you can recognize the way in which you are living and how you can bring about a change in your lives. How you have come to live is affecting not only your lives but those of your children. We want you to know that living your lives the way you do is honoring not only yourselves but also your planet in which you live.

Do you not recognize that all that you are purchasing is all that you are supporting? As you are a consumer driven society you truly are able to make a choice concerning what goods you choose to purchase. This is how you are able to affect the reality in which you live. You have to realize that you are the driving force behind the producers and manufacturers of all your goods you purchase. Therefore, making the wise decision in how you purchase is your responsibility.

When the society determined that they wanted to purchase items grown and raised that where done so through organic means the market responded by making a change in which these goods where produced and raised. This brought about a healthier means of food stuffs that are now available for all to purchase. Now likewise you may also extend this same driving force throughout the consumer market by only purchasing goods in which the manufacturers are producing these products in a manner in which the manufacturer has brought these goods to market demonstrating a sustainable means of manufacturing.

Now as a person within the family you too may also be wise in the way in which you are raising your own household. When you practice the same integrity within your household that you demonstrate within the market place you will truly be living in a manner that is sustainable and in harmony from within the household extending to the without in your world.

We need you to recognize that your children are learning from your every example in which you are demonstrating to them how you yourselves have chosen to live. This means being aware that all that you do is also providing your children with a direct means of demonstrating how one lives. You must recognize that you are living in a world that you are gifting to your children. So, you must always keep this in consideration when you think of both purchasing and living in a sustainable way.

When you have this means of living in your heart and mind you will be living in a way that is recognizing the changes that are occurring in all of humanity. For humanity is now at the cusp of a new way of living that is coming forth from within to without and in a very direct way. Humanity is in the dawn of a new age that is bringing about a revolution in consciousness. This revolution is a peaceful means of advancement that is taking place throughout everyone in the world.

For this a revolution in consciousness that is bringing about a transition that will allow humanity to express themselves in an advanced way of living that demonstrates the wisdom of living in harmony and peace. This is truly donning the new consciousness called the Christ consciousness. And many throughout the world are realizing that this is who they truly are. People are recognizing that the ways of the past are not as harmonious as they are feeling needs to actually be expressed and lived.

Many people are feeling this change come from within themselves. And they are truly searching for what it is that they are feeling is truly coming about. And this is why we are bringing to everyone this awareness that humanity is rising in consciousness. This is bringing about a change that will revolutionize the way humanity lives from now on.

This is something that will change humanity. This is how humanity will demonstrate a new way of stewardship that will be expressed throughout the entire world. And this is the way humanity will bring about the love that is necessary to heal the Earth. For the Earth is need of healing just as humanity is in need of healing from the ways of the past.

Due to the recent changes throughout the world that have been brought about through a need to be safe in their societies. Many families are now united once more in a very intimate way. And parents are learning what it is like to have more time to be with their children. This is a learning process that is bringing about a change in how humanity views raising their children and living in their households.

What is occurring now is that families are now being given the opportunity to demonstrate to their own offspring in a very direct manner of how to live in harmony. What was once done traditionally through the public-school systems is now being given back to the families to demonstrate in a very visceral way how to truly be united. And all are recognizing that they can live united from within their households to the without of their societies and countries.

Please keep in mind that these are opportunities for everyone within the family household to come together in a more traditional manner like that of our forefathers and mothers had lived through in times past. Though some may consider these to be challenging times these challenges are allowing all to rise to the occasion by bringing forth the family in a new way that is much more intimate and this allows for more love to be shared amongst one another in the family unit.

This is truly changing our societies in ways that are also demonstrating and revealing the changes that are already occurring within each individual. For this process that is transforming our world is a process that comes from within our heart centers as individuals to the without in our families and flows forward into all of our communities and societies all the way through to our countries and nations. This is the revolution in consciousness that all are experiencing though perhaps innately yet entirely in bringing forth the glorious donning of that new dawn of the Christ consciousness that is a manifestation of the divine from within to without.

For what is occurring is a recognition that all are truly of the divine. Even as this recognition is revealing that all are the divine in manifest form. And many are coming to realize that this is a calling that is coming forth that is driving them to feel this change in a very visceral manner. What we are saying is that humanity has to recognize that they are evolving into a recognition of a new consciousness that truly expresses their own love and light that they are becoming aware of that is needing to be expressed.

Human societies in these past few decades have demonstrated an advancement in their outer perceptions of living. Gaining every known level of comfort and material means that allow all to live comfortably. However, the focus has shifted and many are beginning to become aware that they need to be thinking about sustainability from within their very selves even as they are talking about sustainability throughout the outer world.

This leaves humanity in a new state of awareness. For when one is aware of what is truly occurring then one is able to make the adjustments that are truly necessary to navigate this new way of expressing in the most harmonious and loving manner. This is what is needing to be recognized. When everyone goes through changes that affect everyone in a very real way, then all must realize that they are given these experiences so that all can rise to the challenge of what is being brought to everyone.

Today everyone is hearing that many are desirous of returning to the old way of being. However, the truth is that humanity is at the cusp of a new way of perceiving and being. And the challenge humanity is being given is to recognize that all are being given a new opportunity to reevaluate and accept their new circumstances in a positive light. Even as many are given a view of the serious nature of what is occurring through the media and news outlets.

The focus needs to be on the new sustainability of the family in each household. And this is greatly achieved and enhanced by recognizing that all of humanity are in a transformation that needs to be expressed even more so than what our media and news outlets are currently focused on. Humanity is discovering themselves anew. And this newness is all about living in the heart which is the true center of the Christ consciousness.

This is something that is transforming the entire world into a new age. An age of reason that can be brought forth in harmony that will allow all to express freedom in a greater way. For this freedom is coming forth from within to without in each and every one in the world. This is the true revolution that is coming forth peacefully. And all can and will rise to the occasion by recognizing that this revolution in consciousness comes from within. And when this properly recognized and expressed this will allow each person to demonstrate the divine nature that exists in all from the very center of being.

Remember the Christ consciousness is the dawning of the new age. This luminous presence that resides within the very center of each individual life stream is resident right within each heart center. And this is what everyone on Earth is feeling and beginning to recognize. To cognize this is to accept this experience that is truly being had by all.  To embrace completely with love the divine within that is being expressed in a greater way more and more each and every day will allow this to manifest throughout all lives.

From within to without love divine will be expressed all about. Shedding this radiance of Self all about will allow all to express in hope that all can bring about a manifestation of the glory of God. For God resides within the very center of our being. And the calling that is coming forth is the heralding of a new age. An age of the divine within manifesting in all beckoning to be expressed all about. Know that this is the Christ consciousness come into manifestation in each and all.

Acceptance is the key. And recognition is the way to begin to accept what is truly manifesting. No one will ever view their own heart center the same again. For to acknowledge what is transforming all of world is to bring this about in a very transformative way. Let the heart sing in expression of the divine from within to without. See to it that each day a focus begins from the heart center which will lead the way into expressing in a new way. Keeping all centered in expressing love divine all of the time.

Many have begun to recognize that the heart center is truly able to lead us in a most glorious way. The heart center is truly the home of the Christ consciousness. Humanity has been taught to perceive that the brain is the central repository of knowledge. However, the truth is that the brain is the receiver of the divine gnosis. And that gnosis comes from the heart. The brain is like a radio which receives the various radio stations. The heart is the source of oneness that sends out every station that sings about omniscience omnipresence and omnipotence. And this truly resides within every man, woman and child on Earth.

Brought to you in the love and radiance of the Ascended Master’s light.

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