A Focused Heart center

A Focused Heart Center

Many of us have been taught to look at others as a way to guide ourselves. Perhaps to model ourselves after someone we are fond of. Most all of us have been taught to attain schooling that will guide us into a proper perspective of what we are interested in. Perhaps learning to excel in the sciences or the arts in some way.

Pursuing these we give ourselves an ideal way to express our likes and perhaps even make a living out of that which we like to do. And these are great for allowing us to expand our ways of perception and experiences. Perhaps even pursuing our interests in other ways through a hobby or even a second form of pleasure. Truly allowing us to become well rounded.

If we consider all of the ways that we are taught to express ourselves as a youth and into adulthood we are mainly given routes that pursue educational attainments and careers. These allow us to have a comfortable household and raise a family as well as provide security for our future golden years. Always admirable pursuits that we all bring about in some way.

As we all live our lives, we go through experiences that lead us to want to understand why we are going through what we are go through. Perhaps we have been recognizing that we need to change a particular way of being. Or perhaps we see that we have had similar experiences come to us that we are not wanting to have happen in our lives anymore.

As we advance in life, we eventually find that we are desirous of defining a deeper meaning to all of our experiences. As we succeed in fulfilling our dreams, we also find that there still is a need to touch a part of us that is yearning for another form of completion. Leading us to seek other ways to advance ourselves as a person by attaining something lasting that brings out that feeling of accomplishment, perhaps in a new way. 

And so, for those that are wanting more depth of feeling the primary place to receive this is by turning inward.  A change for most in that we have always been going after achievements that have led us to express outwardly. Yet, this is an avenue that is very worthy of pursuing. How many can truly say they understand the treasures that await us all by discovering what is already existing within us? How comfortable do we feel when asked to forsake the world for a period of a day so, so as to focus inwardly?

The reason I am writing this is to foster the desire to turn inward. To entice the reader to truly give thought about the self in a way that may be new or may even be familiar. Either way the feeling I want to express is that turning inward can bring about an entirely new way of expressing and feeling that perhaps has not been considered. A true treasure of all that is truly who we are.

And I will tell you that the more we are willing to focus our attention in this manner the more we will see that there is an entire universe awaiting us that we have the opportunity to bring forth to express in our lives. To know oneself in an entirely new way. A way that can reach us at a level that we have yet to have found out in the world of material gain through worldly pursuits and success.

When I first began this process of turning inward, I was not sure what I was looking for. I did begin practicing meditation and took classes on this process. And as time ensued, I didn’t truly notice anything spectacular. Though I did notice that I was able to change my habits and seemed to be less stressed. And so, even more time ensued.

Then I started to realize that my views of what I considered pleasure began to change. I no longer desired the city life filled with going around seeking all manner of entertainment and things to do. I began recognizing the value of spending time with my wife and truly enjoying the family life. And as this process continued, I found myself books that taught me about meditation and spirituality. This allowed me to keep thinking about turning inward in small steps.

Then I started to notice that I was changing in even greater ways. I began feeling wisdom come forward that I had never had. I am not saying that I became very studious or even sought out to identify with wisdom. However, with the little amount of meditation that I was doing and the studying of various spiritual texts that I was identifying with. It seemed as if many key points of a spiritual nature came forward. And this allowed me to see life through eyes that had a little more wisdom.

I reached a pinnacle at this point in which it seemed like anything that I had a question concerning would be answered. If I thought about wanting to know about something within a day or so the information would come to me, even if I didn’t seek it out. This led me to be pleased with my inward searches. As all of the questions I had where of a nature that was allowing me to expand my awareness of why things are the way they are. It is truly a wonderful state of being to have any and all information come to you directly.

For those that are familiar with my articles I tend to write about Ascended Master teachings. And this was an avenue that I was researching at great length. And I tell you that all of the books that I read reaffirmed and greatly elaborated on the whole process of turning inward. They all stressed the importance of recognizing the divine within. You must understand that when these books are written they carry the Ascended Master’s radiation of love. And this is something that you will feel when reading their books.

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This also turned me inward seeking the way to the divine within for this is what the Ascended Masters teach. For the first time I understood that I could see and know God within my very being. Instead of my previous views of seeing that God existed somewhere outside of myself in some place unknown. The true meaning of oneness began to be realized. My view of myself became enhanced. I no longer identified with the traditional view of the “sinner” brought to us by many mainstream religions here in my homeland.

This is when I recognized the heart center in a great way. I had gained an appreciation for that term “the still small voice.” Many spoke of the heart as being this voice that came to you almost in a whisper telling you what you needed. Only coming forth after spending an entire day in meditation doing the best to shut out the entire outer world.

However, now I can tell you by personal experience that the heart sings to you, always. The heart center is your guide to living anew. Experiencing an entirely new way of life at any age. When you are sincere enough to turn inward and achieve a state of listening grace. To take those subtle intuitive insights and allow them to guide you on your path. And to be ever desirous to readily hear the next insight that comes to you. It is then that the progress that has already been occurring brings forth a floodgate of treasure-troves from within.

The focus on the heart center is the way to advance in recognition of the divine within. When we begin the process of recognizing that within our heart chakra exists another sacred chakra that contains the three-fold flame of our Christ consciousness we begin an awakening of our alignment with this aspect of ourselves. The heart center begins to bring to us intuitive knowing that advances as we focus on the heart center.

As we go throughout our day, we need to place our focus on our heart center. Notice, however, that we are each already in our heart center. It is the recognition of this that I speak of when I say place our focus there. Yet, keep in mind that our true home is our heart center and no one exists that is not living from their heart center. Though our current society has us so focused outwardly that we tend to view ourselves as being our “brain.” And this is not the truth of who we are. We are our heart center. This wisdom is coming back to us all.

 Through a determined focus on our heart center, we begin to recognize more readily what we have always been given. Some may not have realized that we have always been given direction from our Holy Christ Self through our heart center. However, once we become aware of this in a conscientious way, we begin the process of ascending in consciousness.

Most of us have perceived through the persona throughout our lives. This aspect of us has also been referred to as the ego. For this part of ourselves has not fully recognized the divine within. Yet, when we make that determined focus as mentioned above, we begin a process in which we start aligning with our Christ consciousness. This brings about an awareness that transforms ourselves in very visceral ways.

When this occurs, we find ourselves thinking about living through cosmic laws. We recognize and appreciate the sanctity of all that is holy. This moves us to look at our lives in a more permanent way. And love divine has a whole new meaning in our lives. For we begin recognizing the love in others as well as the love we hold for ourselves. Remember, the greatest love we can give is only as great as the greatest love we extend to ourselves.

All of this comes from our awakening to our heart center. The gift of the divine that gives us our lives we express and experience. When we have maintained our focus on perceiving from the heart center, we will begin to notice that we are aware of the higher frequencies of creation. This is where we become aware of our guardian angel and we start noticing the direction that our heart gives us that leads us into experiencing life in a very harmonious way. And this is key.

Harmony is the foundation for living a Godly life. For when we can successfully live our day in harmony, we transform the ego. The ego is the part of us that always tries to analyze and compare. Attributes that are not of a higher order. This is the part of us that goes into judging rather than accepting all as being divine.

I cannot stress enough the beauty that awaits anyone who is willing to take the next adventure that changes everything in their lives by turning inward. Making every effort to keep that focus on the heart center is the way to advance in life. And this comes about exactly as it should for each and every one who does this. Thus, giving you exactly what you need, when you need it and exactly as you need it.

Now, when I see another person, I truly understand the meaning of seeing the immaculate concept in everyone. For to see the immaculate concept in everyone means that you see the divine that exists perfectly within their very being, right now, just as they are. For they too have a heart center that has been gifted to them by their I AM Presence. And their Holy Christ Self is flowing through every beat of that heart chakra that contains that sacred chamber of the divine. Singing to them about the beauty that they already are. And to hear those words directly from the heart center is the gift of a lifetime.

The journey of a lifetime begins at this moment of recognition. And the path becomes very luminous flowing from within to without. Listen to the heart center speak all about the divine that exists within that is the truth of who you are.

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran

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