A People and a Teaching Whose Time Has Come

The following is a recorded reading I have composed from the publication Pearls of Wisdom published by The Summit Lighthouse. This particular Pearls of Wisdom is from a dictation given by the beloved Kuan Yin. I have furnished a link to where you may subscribe to the Pearls of Wisdom.


I hope you enjoy listening to this issue of the Pearls of Wisdom entitled A People and a Teaching Whose Time Has Come – Accra, Ghana from December 15, 2020.

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Beloved Kuan Yin

* Kuan Yin is revered in Buddhism as the compassionate Saviouress, the Bodhisattva of Mercy. Beloved as a mother figure and divine mediatrix who is close to the daily affairs of her devotees, Kuan Yin’s role as Buddhist Madonna has been compared to that of Mary the mother of Jesus in the West. Throughout the Far East, devotees seek her guidance and succor in every area of life. Altars dedicated to Kuan Yin can be found in temples, homes and wayside grottoes.

The name Kuan Shih Yin, as she is often called, means “the one who regards, looks on, or hears the sounds of the world.” According to legend, Kuan Yin was about to enter heaven but paused on the threshold as the cries of the world reached her ears.

Kuan Yin is revered as protectress of women, sailors, merchants, craftsmen, those under criminal prosecution and those desiring progeny. There is an implicit trust in Kuan Yin’s saving grace and healing powers. Many believe that even the simple recitation of her name will bring her instantly to the scene. Kuan Yin’s Crystal Rosary contains her mantras and is a powerful means of invoking her intercession.

* [Source: The Ascended Master Free Encyclopedia – Kuan Yin read more details concerning beloved Ascended Lady Master Kuan Yin by following the link.]

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