The beauty each of us has is the ability to express freely in our lives. For we have been created in God’s image. And our God is The Almighty God of freedom. Freedom is a very powerful attribute that allows us to strive to manifest freely all in alignment with our Creator in all manner of ways. However, how do we truly view this freedom?

Some believe that freedom means being able to do anything at will. Like, I should be able to fulfill all my desires freely. Or, I should be free to be able to choose the way in which I live. And these are the freedoms that we have truly been given for our God gave us the right to express freedom any way in which we choose. However, we must consider that we are made in God’s image, as well.

The reason I say this is that our God gave us the ability to be co-creators in Creation. And made in God’s image we are beholden to God’s laws, which are cosmic laws. Thus, we must live in accordance with these immutable laws that God established to glorify His Creation. For when we study the cosmic laws, we see the beauty and precision of such immaculate design.  

That being said, we need to carefully consider how and what we chose to express our free will in or through. For many times we get caught-up in the “illusions” of Maya that exist in the physical reality. When we express through freedom we are beyond the constraints of secular thought.

Desiring to attain a goal is a proper way to use desire. However, sometimes desire can be expressed in a lesser manner. Such as a desiring to have something to fulfill a craving or in a material manner that is in “keeping up with the Jones’s,” so to speak. And it is this type of desire that I am speaking of within the context of this article.

The reason I bring this up is that we could get consumed in using our free will to express through the eye of desire. And desire is truly not something that builds upon freedom of expression. For desire is a view that brings about lower frequency vibrations, such as craving, wishing and even anger and disappointment.

You see when we look at life through the eye of desire, we are coming from a place in which we are viewing life in a very self-serving manner. Not to mention we are looking at life as if there is lack. If we look at desire’s synonyms they are wish, want, longing, craving and yearning to name a few. These should not be the attributes of a co-creator. Why?

A co-creator in Creation creates through manifesting, producing, making, generating and forming. These attributes are worthy of using free will in a very powerful manner. For our Creator brought forth Creation by manifesting through intent, illumination and wisdom. These are attributes that are fulfilling.

When we compare the frequencies of energy that are contained in the word desire versus creating or manifesting there is a significant degree of expression of freedom. For desire carries with it a subtle expression of non-attainment. In other words, desire comes about because one feels that they don’t have that which they are desirous of having. Thus, the longing, craving and wanting synonyms.

Whereas, the frequency of co-creation and manifestation has an attribute of accomplishing through determination. Ideally through illumined action. These are frequencies that are worthy of pursuit in expressing our free will. Why am I making these distinctions?

As we evolve in physicality, we must recognize the attributes of the way we live. For living through the eye of desire only breeds an insatiable life. In other words, when we use our free will to express through our every desire ALL will discover sooner or later that this is an unquenchable thirst. We will merely go from one desire to the next without ever finding an end in sight. And even if we were to attain our every desire, we would find no satisfaction or culmination in this form of expression of free will.

And thus, living through the eye of desire means we live an unfulfilling life. Not only that but the frequency of desire brings about other attributes that are not harmonious. For when desires are not fulfilled, we can go into feeling anger, resentment, jealousy, longing and so forth. In this context we can truly grasp the meaning of the expression “the grass is greener on the other side.” For desire cannot ever bring fulfillment from within ourselves. And being made in God’s image we are already the fulfillment of God’s image in manifestation. Thus, we are truly beyond desire, when we turn inward.

However, when we chose to create something for ourselves and truly for the betterment of our families our friends and our society. Then we express our freedom as our Creator has. For our Creator created everything as a means of allowing the Creation to express as fulfilling as our own Creator has achieved through the act of Creation.

Remember, we are made in God’s image. Thus, our satisfaction comes from co-creating as our Creator does. And when we recognize the wisdom of living as God does, we do not go after pursuits that can never be fulfilled. Hence, we don’t live for our desires. We live to express beyond desires. What is beyond desire?

Fulfillment is a very powerful word. When we look at the synonyms for fulfillment, they are self-actualization, nirvana, serenity and contentment. Though we must be cautious with how we express. For there are some that say they would love to live a life where they can fulfill their every desire. And as we have shown above, this is not an attainable goal. Desire in itself is an unattainable state.  

What brings about fulfillment is living through God’s virtues. Through contributions in co-creating that benefit not only ourselves but our very families and communities and societies. The nobler pursuits that allow us to bring joy to many others, even as we bring joy to ourselves through these honorable accomplishments.

Remember the universe, by means of cosmic law is bringing to us a reflection of everything that we are creating. Everything that comes to us is helping us to see how we are choosing to express our fee will. If we are having experiences that we are not wanting and they keep repeating. We have no where else to look but ourselves to see why this is occurring.

When we express our lives free from desire, we truly live in freedom. We rise above the plain of secular living that can never be satisfied. And the proper way to live beyond physical desire is to live through the heart center.

When we live through the focal point of our heart we live beyond the carnal mind. The carnal mind is concerned with all manner of fleshly pursuits. And the heart center is where our Christ consciousness resides. This is where the more honorable and virtuous ways of living come to us naturally to express in our lives. Yet this does require a focus on our part.

For society has never stressed this to us in our upbringing. However, this is where “the open door which no man can shut” resides. This is our own Christ consciousness beckoning us to come home. When we live through our heart center, we live beyond material pursuits. This is where true freedom resides. And this is how we return to living as a Divine being in manifest form. For our God is The God of freedom.

Within each heart center is the spirit spark of the Divine itself. Our direct emanation from the Almighty God right within our very sacred chakra center of our heart. Where the three-fold flame of love, wisdom and power resides. This is the truth of who we are. And when through intent we put our focus on this chakra center as we go about our day, we begin to change in very significant ways.

When we stay focused on our heart center we are ascending and this is a continual occurrence. Thus, for every moment that we live as we put and keep our focused intent on our heart we are ascending. And the worldly desires become objects that are not ever desirous of expressing in our lives.

For we ascend to a plain of Self-awareness that brings about Divine alchemy. We ascend the lower three chakras that form the triangle of mortality into the heart center. And through our focus on the heart center, we magnetize the higher three chakras of Divine wisdom, love and power. Thus, we manifest the “star of David,” the six-pointed star manifesting in our sacred heart chakra. Where the two triangles coalesce and intertwine bringing about the Divine. An alchemical transmutation occurs and our lives begin to express as God has always intended. Thus, “the open door which no man can shut.”

This my brothers and sisters is true freedom. Freedom from the limitations of the carnal mind. Freedom from the endless “desires” that can never be appeased. Freedom from the bondage of materialism. Freedom from perceiving through the human consciousness for we don or “dawn” the Christ consciousness. Freedom that allows us to ascend daily, as we keep our focus on our heart center as the true way to perceive and express from.

For remember, we are made in God’s image.


This is the mantra that we say when focused on our heart center, each and every day. This is that Christ consciousness that brings about the Divine in our every thought word and deed as the Mind of God expresses all that we need, from within to without. Just as above so below, we are aglow with that illumined action of God’s love, wisdom and power. Balanced each and every hour. Our threefold flame expands and intensifies to bring about that seamless robe. Illumined action from God’s loving rays by which we are raised in ascensions flame. Fed by our attention to that heart center to expand God’s loving plan that I AM.

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran

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