Beloved Astrea

The following is a recorded reading I have composed from the publication Pearls of Wisdom published by The Summit Lighthouse. This particular Pearls of Wisdom is from a dictation given by the Beloved Astrea. I have furnished a link to where you may subscribe to the Pearls of Wisdom.

I hope you enjoy listening to this issue of the Pearls of Wisdom entitled Delivering a Continent and a People from Their False Gods, False Prophets, and False Teachers – Accra, Ghana from January 15, 2021.

Delivering a Continent and a People from Their False Gods, False Prophets and False Teachers

Purity and Astrea are the Elohim of the fourth ray (the white ray) of purity, perfection, hope and wholeness. It is the flame of the Mother and the flame of the ascension—the desire to know and be God through purity of body, mind and soul through the consciousness of the Divine Mother, which embraces the natural laws governing all manifestation in the earth plane.

Purity holds the divine pattern of the perfection of the Christ for all that is in manifest form, focusing the white fire that is in the heart of every sun and atom—the pure white light out of which emanate the seven “rays,” or aspects, of the Christ consciousness. Blue is considered the feminine aspect of white because the white fire of Purity coalesces as blue in the Matter plane.

Thus Astrea, the feminine complement of Purity, works twenty-four hours a day wielding the cosmic circle and sword of blue flame to free the children of the Mother from all that opposes the fulfillment of the divine plan held in the heart of Purity. Astrea personifies the Hindu concept of Kali, “the demon-slayer.”

* [Source: The Ascended Master Free Encyclopedia – Beloved Astrea read more details concerning Beloved Astrea by following the link.]

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran

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