The Path

The Path

The path to tread, unique to all. The one who finds it led by Self is the one who transcends the lesser self. The way to perceive is derived from within. In the heart-center is the path that is known as the narrow road. Leaving the ways of the highways and byways of life, known as Maya or illusion. One begins the path of reflection seeking to look ever from within. The light that has been dim suddenly is bright. And ever upward the ascension way is alight. That leads to eternity from within to without. Where love, wisdom and power is all about.

When we listen to our elder brothers and sisters on the path that have already ascended our octave of perception, they assure us that all paths lead to ascension. The question is to find a path that keeps pace with our way of perceiving. And there are several paths from which to perceive. As has been said, “my Father has many mansions” in heaven.

Some of us are inclined to choose the path of knowing and wisdom. Studying all that we can to identify who and what we are. And to know how to become all that we already truly are. Going beyond the persona we don the Christ consciousness. Or in other terms the Buddhi-manas. Or the Higher Self. Several names for integrating a way of perceiving that is the true aspect of our Self reflected from above as well as within. For this aspect of us is the true reflection of our I AM Presence. Or in other words our Atman. Or our Monad. Several names for the aspect of us that never leaves our true home.

Another path that moves us in the direction of the Divine is service. Service to others can take place in numerous ways. By expressing our talents for the benefit of humanity in our own unique and creative way, we truly do accelerate on the path. For our desires are to assist others by expressing service that we know assists us all.

Many do this through all manners of creation. Building, arts, architecture, music, the healing arts, sciences and psychological and/or mental assistance by counseling and even through religion. Ever being there to listen to our friends and family’s needs and desires. Service to others is expressed through the higher path of selflessness. Coming to the aid of others over the desires of our own self.

The path of service through wisdom gained and perceived selflessly with the goal towards assisting humanity actively is best trod from our heart center; i.e. love, wisdom and power. Love is the heart-centered focus that we use wisely through our Higher Mind while actively assisting others; which is our power of creation in action that instills all that we do in love divine. As any other love than Divine is not truly love for love Divine is selfless love. Rather than expressing love for the sake of what we get in return for our love we must express love for the sake of sharing love without seeking self benefit. Thus, the triad of love, wisdom and power.

There is always balance that must be maintained in all that we do. And when we look at the seven chakras that are paramount to the gifts we have to bestow. The middle charka is the heart center. The middle path is lead through centering ourselves within this chakra as this is where access to the Higher Self and Higher Mind exists. From this central point we exhibit true selfless love. Seeking to expand love by means of our every action.

However, when we are expressing through purely love and do not balance this with wisdom and power. We do open ourselves up in ways that do not serve. For the balance will assure that our love is not “abused” by those that would take and not give in like manner. Remember, like attracts like. This is loving through wisdom. Also, we would not devalue ourselves by lacking in keeping ourselves in expressing our power of action appropriately. Balance these three aspects of ourselves and we are serving wisely in love divine through our actions in a most powerful and gracious way.

When we look at the religions that exist, they each teach this in ways and words that are unique to their own ways of perceiving and expressing. This is the beauty of seeing that as our elder sisters and brothers on the path have expressed, all paths lead to the recognition that we are always ascending when living wise and virtuous lives through love of service.

As one accelerates along a given path chosen one begins to recognize that all that is required to succeed is always contained within ones Self. And whatever path one chooses will eventually lead to this recognition that turning inward one can find ALL that one is seeking and needs. Self-reflection, meditation and the silencing of the lower-mind brings this about.

This is what the Yogis of India and Asia have done. This is what Buddha did. This is what Jesus Christ did. This is what Mother Mary did. This is what every elder brother and sister on the path has done, for the list of those that have done this goes on and on.

For as one treads the path. Eventually the recognition comes into manifestation that all is contained within the Self that resides within the self. And the Self is always found through listening through the heart center. The Higher Heart in some lexicon. The sacred chamber of the heart in other words. All dependent on the path chosen and the way of perceiving through that path.

When meditating on our heart, picture every breath you draw inward going straight to the heart. Why? Before fire can exist and/or expand it must have air. For without air there is no fire. Therefore, the highest expression of expansion we can give our heart-center is to breathe into it while picturing our heart having the pure white-fire glow of the sun center of being. See this intensifying and expanding. Put another way, none of us can survive without air. Neither a candle, nor a human or even a planet, or a cell within our body temple.

Prana exists in air. Prana is a spiritual term for Holy Spirit. Prana is what we see through our higher vision when we look at the sky and see these little particles of light moving in all manner of direction. These white lights that zoom all throughout the sky going in all directions are prana.

This is why in the Bible it is said first and foremost that in the beginning there was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. For the Word is spoken when air exists. And the word is in a scientific sense vibration in motion flowing. Vibration is the motion of air that begot our universe. Not just in the sense of oxygen and nitrogen for air is a flow that is not just limited to these forms of expression. This came before God said, let there be light. For once again, one needs the air and vibration of prana to beget the fire of light.

Going back to our main context, keep in mind that meditation on our heart center does change us bodily, mentally and spiritually. And these are our inherent trinity of form that we are all perceiving through and living from. The more we focus on our heart and recognize that this is the true center of perception the more we will leave the “old ways” behind.

For the sense consciousness that we perceive through as we are evolving and haven’t recognized the divine within is resident in our solar plexus. Please keep in mind, no pun intended, that the brain is a receiver of mind perception that emanates from all of our chakras. So, you are not and never will be your brain. For your brain receives from all of your chakras all information and gives you a way of perceiving your identity. However, the solar plexus is a lower expression of us; mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is the self, with a lower “s.” The true Self is always expressed with a capital “S.” And this is the part of us that expresses through the heart center.

The solar plexus is run by the lesser desires. This is known as the sense consciousness or mind. Or in other terms the carnal mind. This is why as we evolve; we perceive that we are driven by sex, money and entertainment of self. This aspect of mind consciousness perception is tied to selfishness. The solar plexus focuses ourselves strictly on ourselves, first and foremost. This is also where “fight or flight” exists and is active. In other terms this is the activator of the sympathetic nervous system; i.e. “fight or flight.”

Whereas, the heart center is a balanced way of perceiving that keeps us in the parasympathetic nervous system. This is our true way of perceiving. This keeps us harmonious, peaceful and living through grace in love divine; i.e. selflessly. And this allows us to listen to that “still small voice” in our sacred heart. This is where we are in touch with our Divinity. Our Higher Self. Our Buddhi-manas. Our Christ consciousness. Our intuition exists here.

And this keeps our desire body or astral body in check. It doesn’t allow our sense consciousness to rule our lives. We become beyond the boundaries of being driven by survival instincts. For we leave the realm of instinct to rise to intuitive perception. We leave the sympathetic nervous system to perceive through the parasympathetic nervous system. We perceive through the Higher Mind (heart center chakra) instead of the sense or carnal mind (solar plexus chakra).

All paths lead to this balanced middle way of perceiving. The question is how quickly or slowly do we tread this path. Whichever speed we choose, knowing our body, mind and spiritual makeup assist us greatly. For surpassing innocence and/or ignorance leads to the way of wisdom. And knowing how to live wisely brings about true love. And expressing through true love is the proper and only use of our power that is a permanent action on the path service and on the path of ascension.

Doing all of this in balance leads through that spiral staircase of becoming more luminous from within to without. Even as above, so below. This is the true spiritual glow and growing that transcends the sense or carnal mind. Allowing us to achieve the Divine, in manifest form. A true selfless way of perceiving and being. That all of our spiritual family dons, even as we are too. For we are all ascending. Not just the many or the few. It is just a matter of time, to realize the Divine that has always existed right within the very center of our being.

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran

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