Love Transcends

The ability to recognize the power of love is to live in a state of fulfillment. For love is the most powerful action that illuminates both the giver as well as the receiver and which instills the purity of wisdom. Thus, illumination occurs when love is expressed in its purest way and received in like manner. This is the power of love transcending anything lesser than its purest expression.

Now, to know that we have this ability and power available to us at all times is wisdom. To choose to express through love in all manner of ways. In how we approach our friends, family, neighbors and in truth the whole of humanity. To live in accordance with this gift that is inherently ours to express is something that awakens in everyone. Although, the all-encompassing ways this may be expressed through us, is what we are recognizing as we evolve.

When we expand in consciousness it is due to recognizing this graceful power and gift of creation. The more harmonious we keep our lives and the more we are able to express through actions of service to one another in peace and grace, the greater we expand in love divine and consciousness in and through purity and truth; which are some of the greatest qualities of love. For the higher worlds that are available to us all are fully engulfed in this mature way of perceiving.

As time has shown, the allegories we have listened to of the gods fighting one another in various manners of literature has been inspired by none other than man in his various states of evolution. Perceiving that the “gods” responded just as man has always tended to; is a sure indication of the story given in allegorical form, by ones who can only see in this way; through their own eyes, so to speak. We see this in Greek mythology, in Hinduism accounts of the various gods battling one another and so forth.

That is not to say that these same allegories cannot be perceived through higher means of interpretation that do shed light in a divine way. Much like the Bible, it has always been said that rather than interpreting everything in a literal or fundamental sense. If one looks deeper one finds there are several layers of perception that can be gleamed, in a higher way. In other words, these same stories have a mystical meaning that give greater ways of perceiving what has been said. Just like Jesus gave his disciples the truth behind his parables with which spoke as he taught the people as well as the Pharisees and Sadducees. Thus, the mystery schools have always allowed one to delve further into the higher meanings behind these stories or parables.

However, for those that turn inwards. These greater meanings and understandings are also available. There is a discovery that the inner planes, which give us access to the higher planes or heavenly planes in other words, are filled with the most benevolent of and divine beings. Available to us to learn from, right from within the very center of our very being, the heart center. Devas, or angels that have always existed in this state of harmony, love and purity. Spiritual guides and teachers, elementals, devas or angels and even our elder brothers and sisters or ancestors that have already completed the human sojourn in this octave of physicality.

The etheric plane consists of these higher worlds, or heavenly worlds that are embodied by these ones mentioned earlier. And there are none in the etheric planes that participate in discord as has occurred here in physicality. There is no place in the many mansions of our Heavenly Father in which this exists. For, we return to our true state of purity and expanded conscious awareness where the likes of peace, understanding, harmony and grace that begets wisdom through love Divine is the only way of perceiving and assisting one another in an even greater expansive experience of illumined conscious awareness that is endless in its spirals inwards and upwards.

However, it is wise to recognize that we must prepare ourselves through seeking after this much sought-after wisdom and love through virtuous living within cosmic law, here and now. For the here and now is the power of perception from the ever eternal now. And recognize that this state of being must occur while we are in embodiment here in physicality. For we are making ourselves fit for return to our true heavenly abode. We change here, not after our sojourn in this lifetime.

Those that have gone beyond the boundaries of perception of physicality, have done so by turning inward. Through meditation we can progress beyond the constraints of physicality. Anyone who has seen the abilities of Yogis knows that they specialize in going beyond the supposed limitations of perception that most adhere to. As they can control their bodily functions beyond what modern science and medicine would say is possible. And there are countless examples of this occurring. Mentally or consciously and physically and even spiritually. Turning inward is truly the key to “know thyself.”

So, to feel and express through discord is something that is very archaic and chaotic. The person and/or people that feel that in order for their existence to succeed another’s must be either eliminated or adapted to, in accordance with their own views and ways of perceiving is merely a demonstration of the state of consciousness this one is living through. And time and again this form of consciousness has shown a lack of maturity and permanence.

For once more, if the divine made all of us, we all belong. And if “miracles” can be expressed through any person and people, then divine emanation exists in all. And if one’s way of demonstrating this differs from another, this merely shows that in the infinite Creation, divine diversity is a given and a most beautiful gift. Does this not mean that God truly wanted this diversity? Would we prefer one beautiful flower over a field of all manner of variance in beautiful flowers? Diversity is the expansion of the Divine in the infinity of Creation.

However, when we choose to go against cosmic law, we begin the process of disintegration. For to tell the Creator and the cosmic Creation that something brought forth should not exist, is to put oneself above the Creator and Creation. And this is not possible. And this is living a law unto ourselves which is outside of cosmic law. Since none are truly outside of Creation and the Creator, this is truly an impossibility. Thus, this way of perceiving is doomed from the start. Though, many find this out through the long and arduous way.

All eventually learn this is why discordance cannot exist as a permanent state of being. For even when Brahma is going through his in-breath; all resolves and does not dissolve, so to speak. For someone to think that they can successfully cause another to go extinct is a fallacy. That is not to say that one can give the perception of annihilation. However, we merely cause a change in form that must be dealt with in another way. For even today’s scientists know that energy is neither created nor destroyed, but merely changes in form.

Do we not begin to see that love is the state of transcendence that exists and is inherent in us all? That we are wise to see love in all? That the source of all that is has brought about all that is through love?

Change is occurring in humanity, always. However, the transcendent change that brings about the golden ages in human societies that have already been expressed have always come forth through the recognition of the value in all and of everyone. This is love for all that have been brought forth from the Divine.

However, when we have left these periods of illumination, grace, peace and harmony expressed through love divine. It has been because we have restricted our views of perception rather than expanding them. We have gone backwards in choosing to act through negation as a law unto ourselves rather than through inclusive expansion of consciousness occurring in accordance with and through upholding cosmic law. Great cosmic “winds of change” have caused these changes. And going through the Kali yuga is one such example.

Yet, never does this mean that we cannot chose to live within cosmic law. We are never beyond the means of living in accordance with harmony, peace, grace, mercy, understanding and love. We always have the ability to choose no matter what cycle of cosmic wind is being expressed. And by choosing to live by cosmic law we lessen the more severe lessons and express through our inherent expansive awareness, which is always more graceful and harmonious.

Some are unaware that in order for us to live in accordance with cosmic law in a planetary body. Those of physicality have to expand into the next octave of Creation in order to keep our planetary body in the proper illuminated state of symbiosis with the evolving inhabitants of the planet as a whole. This is a cosmic law. The evolving inhabitants of the planetary body must be making progress, with respect to illuminated evolution in order to keep our planetary body within cosmic law for its purposes of existence. For both the planet and its peoples evolve in symbiosis.

This is why war is such a destructive action. Not only for the people, but also for the planet. And we have a living example of this. For Maldek is a planet that used to exist where we now have the asteroid belt. To allow ourselves to perceive that in order for us to exist another must be annihilated is the greatest deception of perception. This is hubris or arrogance in direct opposition to cosmic law and the Divine. Turning ourselves away from what is already known in order to appease a lesser way of perceiving, thus a law unto ourselves without the benefit of cosmic law. This is a true fall in consciousness.

And when one studies history one finds that after the ravages of war. That area of the world and its people have truly fallen in consciousness. And it takes time to recover from such a demise. The lesser consciousness that remains allows the harboring of wounds to exist longer than is necessary. The “grudges” that are immoral as well, fester long after the supposed benefits of trying to eliminate a falsely perceived threat.

For there is nothing that cannot be solved through diplomacy and the true powers of living in a graceful, harmonious and peaceful manner. With mercy being the greatest extent of forgiveness given to us all by cosmic law. Love Divine is the true reality that washes over all unreality that is brought about by a lesser way of perceiving. How long have all of us been forgiven by our greatest exemplar, God?

Love transcends all manner of sin. And war and discord are sin. And by being the living embodiment of love we transcend the lesser ways of perceiving. For God loves us all so much that our Father/Mother God chose to give us free will. Knowing that no matter how long it took, humanity would recognize that if this is the means by which the Creator of all chooses to live, we took we shall do so in like manner. For like attracts like. Love is the transcendent state that needs to be expressed as we evolve. For we are all the Divine in manifest form. Divinity exists from within to without, even as above so below.

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran

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