Seeing Through the Eyes of the Soul

Perception through the eyes of the soul brings about a reality never beheld before. To awaken from the abyss discovered within is to arise from the mire of Maya beheld in the without. To give up the external eyes of seeing and ears of hearing brings about the silence of sight and sound that exist all around the within of the soul.

To be taught by Masters of wisdom is to discover the paradox that exists in our lives all about. For the outer senses and ways of perceiving keep us assured that we know all there is to know.

Yet, the truth be told we have yet to behold life without sense perception. For how many of us have given way to the power of silence. Where true wisdom does hold sway. Known as the meditative way.

To silence the mind and the heart too, true wisdom does ensue. For until we have learned to perceive from within where the door to the soul opens wide, never to shut again. We are truly influenced, nay confined, by senses of all sort in the without.

Eyes that do not see. Ears that do not hear. No outer sense is clear enough to surmount. For the winds of the lower-mind which do ever wind and turn to sense every chime that comes our way. This is the sense consciousness. To the senses of the lesser-heart that tell us how to love self above all else. To go forth to kindle the desires of all kinds. To love foolishly without the balance of wisdom and power. Only to end in a shower of sorrow. Balance never to beget, does the sensual heart forget that there is truly a higher way?

The endless cycles of ups and downs of vibrations that take us to and fro, bringing about yet another reincarnating life.  As we have yet to commence our journey supernal, that leads to life eternal. A life beyond the sense consciousness. For the wisdom that has yet to be sought, which can never even be forgot. And leads us to the journey first and foremost one should ensue, imbue and take delight.

When finally, through a letting go of all beheld before, one does finally exhaust the illusions of sense consciousness. A true change does ensue and the divine does come through. For at last we have learned to silence the sights and sounds all about that bring no lasting perception. Now we turn inward and long for the silence where true wisdom does ensue, bringing about lasting perceptions shining through.

Meditation brings about clear perception, through silence who would have thought? Yet, to those that are bold. Unafraid to behold a perfect stillness all about from the true within. The higher heart does speak; a whisper perhaps, yet its silence is golden. Through the silence of the inner ear, one does hear clear the truth. Purity breaks through in silence where illumination imbued is so great. The higher mind comes through with intuition profound. The lesser way to perceive no more. For alas we have opened the door to the soul, how profound.

For we now know that through the higher ways of perceiving that are beyond the sense consciousness, the divine does bring through all that we have ever needed to imbue. Turning inward in the silence of the soul, all wisdom comes about in a balanced way all about. Never more to fade away for we are beyond even the necessity for the memory body to retain. We are in the divine power of the eternal now. Perceiving through true consciousness. Our permanent atom does begin to ascend our bodily form for now we are beginning to know how to use its light aright. A gift immemorial, indeed.

The halo of illumined light does shine throughout our aura ever so glad. For our soul helps us to grow into the true stellar being that we are. We now recognize that no knowledge sought after need ever be attained. If we can hold open the gate of the soul and walk through that door too. A permanent way of wisdom does come through. In silence, in stillness the knowing comes through in wisdom divine. Turning inward this does occur.

Recognize that paradoxes exist all about as we awaken from the sleep of peering without. For alas we have cognized that those that have truly awakened are turning inward and seeking stillness of sight, sound and even thought.

A lifetime of seeking ever throughout the without can still only lead to turning inward. For by joy or sorrow one comes to know that outwardly bliss cannot exist. For the inner planes are where bliss is found and always does remain, never outwardly bound. Thus, why be thee?

Is this truly the bold way? Where the light of day does hold sway shining through to enliven our soul anew and forevermore? To see light within that cannot be seen through the outer sense, is this a dream? Does the divine sound forth in the silence of the within as a trumpet that resounds the silence all around? Paradox, indeed.

No longer does our soul have to perceive through the jailed cell of sensing through the carnal mind. And the wayward lesser heart that believes it needs the love of all existing from without, knowing not it already has this.

For inward we have ever been loved, always. And the link to all, even in the without, in a permanent way is where the higher heart holds sway. This is where we recognize we are truly One and have ever and always loved one another and still do. No division exists, where true love persists. Law of the cosmos, indeed.  

Bliss of the thousand petalled lotus flower. Beyond the mire and muck of sense in an ocean of outer noise of the outer way of perceiving. The purifying air of prana divine is found inward and when expressed in life from within to without, does transcend the way of existence without soul. For our soul is the Divine Feminine in matter. Ever to be sought after. To bring about immortality, her true reality does ensue. When we let her light shine through in purity.

Love thy soul and seek her for she has purity to bestow. When not downtrodden by the old ways of perceiving, outwardly. Sensuality returned for the true reality. For she has true insight and hears the melody of the divine, purified by our example of adhering to wisdom found in stillness, no doubt.

My soul I speak to thee. Let us live in immortality. Thy beauty, thy grace, thy love we embrace as we perceive the dawning of the new day. I love thee evermore. I am beginning to see thee as never before. I look forward to hearing all of thy ways. May we share together that pure consciousness that draws us evermore to the goal. Eternal, immortal and from this never to depart for as we embrace in love, I know this shall always be; never to be apart from thee, forevermore. My soul, the sun center of my being.

Much Love, Light, life and Blessings

Gabriel F Duran

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