The Experience of Reality

Consciousness is truly eternal and infinite. To perceive it any other way is to bring about a “limitation” of consciousness. However, to go through an “experience” of self-reflection so as to know oneself; or in other words to go through a process of Self-realization. The infinite consciousness has to bring about a way of perceiving that allows for this self-reflection. This is brought about through what we know of as the space-time reality.

Recognize that this process of self-reflection in the space-time reality, in and of itself brings about a “limitation” of who we truly are. For we are truly Oneness in expression. And Oneness is complete, whole, integrative, and fully free in an all-encompassing expansion of the infinite. This is our true and inherent state of being.

To express through anything less than this, would be to impose a “limitation.” And wholeness that is expansive and integrative is a positive attribute. Whereas, separation, disconnection, limitation and reduction are all negative attributes. Without the connotation of “good” and “bad.” However, the Oneness can use these “negative” attributes to come to a recognition in a very detailed way of the exploration of Self. How so? And why?

To go through a process and experience of “growth” and “self-reflection” the Oneness can “limit” its perception so as to “forget” its true state of completeness, wholeness and so forth. This is what the Higher Self does to truly go through this experience of Self-realization. A focused perspective in the eternal now through an experience of the space-time reality. And the gravity of our planet allows us to go through the process of forgetfulness in consciousness. Thus, allowing us to have a focused expression in a very detailed manner that we perceive of as a “linear” time-space experience. For in truth all time; past, present and future exists in the simultaneity of the eternal now. However, gravity gives us this focused linear experience of time perception known as past, present and future. Allowing this restriction to alter our perception in order to self-reflect anew.  So, what tools do we use to define ourselves through this view?

Beliefs are the power behind our conscious experience. And our beliefs come to us based on our thoughts that we personally define, hence belief. And in order to give our beliefs meaning we have to define them and express them through “feelings” which we term emotion; i.e., energy in motion. Recognize that we cannot have an emotion about something unless we have “defined” a certain belief or thought. Once we have given a definition and/or belief to a thought, we know how to feel about this belief and/or thought. However, without a definition or belief we know not how we feel.

Perhaps someone shares a word with you in which you knew not its definition. You would not know how to respond for you would have no definition to assist you in determining a proper response. So, we can see that we give our worlds meaning by defining our thoughts through words which allow us to feel a certain way based on our belief systems. Beliefs and thoughts must be defined in order to feel or express through emotion.

We thus act out our lives according to our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings; which allow us to express ourselves emotionally. Our “behaviors” are how we express ourselves through the reinforcement of what we have come to believe through thought perceptions that are felt. Giving us a very direct experience of our creations.

For the manifest reality will reflect to us our creations that we have brought forth through our beliefs manifesting and expressing our thoughts and this allows us to express ourselves emotionally based on how we have defined our creations. In other words, beliefs are “self-perpetuating.” Our beliefs reinforce their existence within our reality by this self-perpetuation. 

Since we are creators in manifest form, our beliefs and thoughts self-perpetuate by creating a specific vibration or frequency in our energy field. This frequency pattern is what we know of as an emotion. This is how we “feel” a certain emotional state based on a thought in which we believe. Recognize that these “thoughts” and “beliefs” are not aware that this is what they are doing; it is simply their nature to do this. Hence thought forms that unite in a belief have been called, elementals. Elementary mental thought form constructs that give us our experience, known as thought, belief and feeling expressed through emotion; that self perpetuate. They gather more of their kind; thus, the expression, like attracts like.

Therefore, we have a certain “behavior” that has been defined by our belief expressed through our thoughts and we will “feel” a certain way in this experience because now we have given these beliefs definitions that have an inherent and underlying emotion. Perhaps you have heard the expression, “neurons that fire together, wire together.” This means that our emotions rewire our neurological pathways so that our thought patterns reinforce the emotional resonance of frequency expressed, hence self-perpetuation. Thus, aligning a belief, emotion and thought pattern, or wiring neurons together to self-perpetuate.

Coming to this recognition of our experience is the process of “re-integration” that we are going through as we ascend. For we are integrating our experience of “limitation” by recognizing how we have expressed ourselves through this perception of space-time in a linear way. Hence the process of ascension for those that are awakening to this aspect of reality.

As we integrate this, we also come to recognize that we must stay in the frequency of vibration that we find suitable to our soul growth. So, some are beginning to drop perceptions that have been very polarized and reintegrate in the recognition that we are all of the same oneness. While those that are still requiring an experience in duality are maintaining an experience that keeps one polarized and perceiving through separation and limitation.

This is what our experience of reality is as we grow as a soul. Our perceived “reality” is always changing based on our ability to progress through the various stages of recognizing who we really are. And all of this is directed in accordance with our Higher Self who assists us in this remembering who we are and where we have come from.

As we can see, there are many ways of “awakening” to our true selves. However, the mechanics of perception are always based on the core beliefs we express through the definitions that we give to our thought forms. And the inherent feelings we emote through our actions demonstrate our behavior derived from a belief that we ourselves have defined. This is how we live through our experience of reality.

As we ascend our behavior changes significantly because we are driven through new belief systems in which we integrate our recognition that we are much more then we thought of, originally. And we are assisted in many ways by our Higher Self so that this can be truly understood. Our soul becomes aware in a very visceral way of the makeup of our “reality.”

This knowing allows us to become better creators of our reality. For we recognize that we are wholly responsible for how we perceive, express and experience our lives in accordance with our world. We know that we have the ability to direct our lives in a very meaningful way. We take responsibility for the definitions that we have given to our beliefs. And we take control of our feelings that we choose to express so that we are only living through harmony, peace, understanding and truth in purity.  This is the expansion of consciousness that takes place in our lives at a soul level. And viscerally we get to savor every morsel of expanded awareness through our experience in time-space.

Everyone has gone through the experience at some point in their lives of having such a great time doing something that we love to do. Such that we are “unaware” of the time that has passed. For we have been so involved in enjoying what we are doing. That as the expression goes, “time flies by.” We have been so consumed in the now; that we noticed not that so much time had passed.

As we ascend, we loosen our hold of time in this way. We become less “linear” in experience. Until eventually we recognize that we are beyond space-time and are now perceiving through time-space. Or perceiving from the without becomes perceiving from the within. Dropping the denser frequencies to perceive from the higher frequencies which are less dense. Until we are living completely within the eternal now. This is what life is like as we approach perceiving through the next octave of creation.

Where we receive the white light of our Higher Self more directly with less prism of density in shades of color. Our chakras become more luminous, as in light beings. This is why as we ascend the colors of our reality become more defined in a finer way.  The pastels are more readily seen through our higher sense of frequency. We see and hear more of our Higher Self’s way of perceiving. Integrating more of who we are causes us to increase in frequency or vibrational perception. Until we are less corporeal and more ethereal.  More luminous rather than porous. More self-aware rather then unaware. More super-conscious rather than sub-conscious.

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran

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