What Should I Wear?

As we grow, we change. And as we change so do our beliefs. Sometimes in life we have “major” changes that alter our ways of believing and perceiving in a significant manner. During these times of change we also help ourselves by changing what we “wear” to help us define ourselves in the new way that we are believing and perceiving.

It is in this context that this article is written. The reason I am identifying this article in this way is because many times we have significant changes that cause us to go through an experience in our reality that gives us a new perspective on life. And when we “adopt” this change we also believe that we must match what we “wear” to this new way of perceiving.

However, it is with this in mind in which I am cautioning those that are at that crux, or pinnacle of change. Why? Because many times when we “adopt” a new way of perceiving we feel we must align with this new perception by divesting ourselves of our “old” way of perceiving. We feel we must so embody this new change that we give up our old ways of believing and living. We throw out the old to bring in the new.

Change must be inclusive, not exclusive. Please keep this in mind. If we are identifying with the path of Christianity during a part of our life and we suddenly find that the path of Buddha is more to our liking in our “new” way of experience. We shouldn’t feel that we must throw out the old to wear our new robes, so to speak.

For we have arrived at this pinnacle of change by first having an experience of walking down the stone path that gave us that experience as we walked up the river of life. We may have spent a great deal of time identifying with a spiritual way of perceiving before we felt that we needed to “move on.”

And we must accept that we can move on without any remorse. For we have now donned a way of perceiving ourselves that may be anew. However, we are never asked to throw out our entire “wardrobe” of experience. We may still find that we like to wear articles of “clothing,” spiritually speaking, that we had from our previous experience. Even while we gladly don the new wardrobe, spiritually speaking, on our new path.

The reason I say this is that as we change, we are going to find that our new “guru” or “spiritual leader” is going to have new ways of understanding that we are going to find may have definite conflicts with our ways of understanding. That is, if this is an outer “guru” or “spiritual leader” or religion or belief system. A word to the wise; the inner path already contains all. And so, returning to my point, it is very important that we don’t throw out our core beliefs in order to adapt the new set of beliefs we are being given.

Many times, spiritually speaking, we may feel we need to throw out certain beliefs we have held in order to “fit in” with our new spiritual family. However, we must always recognize that the reality is not “this or that.” Our reality is “this and that.” What does this mean? When we ask any spiritual leader how they arrived at the crux of their experience. We will find that many of them traversed several stones upon the path of the river of life uphill. In other words, they many have perceived their reality through more than one spiritual perspective while they walked their path. And when asked what they would have changed? Every one says every step I took led me here. Therefore, I would not change anything for I feel I am where I am because each step I took led me here.  

This is why I am saying that when we are deciding what to “wear”, spiritually speaking. We do not necessarily want to throw out our old wardrobe. We want to wear our new “spiritual clothing” knowing that our old wardrobe still got us there. Our spiritual knowledge gained gathers not scatters.

The reality is not about invalidating anyone’s experience in order for us to validate our own experience. For in Oneness, one does not have to eliminate another part of the Oneness in order to “expand” within the Oneness. Our reality is always to be inclusive rather than exclusive. As the reality always has “this and that” not “this or that.” Therefore, caution would be in order if we are seeing that any view either new or old from within or without is requiring us to invalidate, exclude or dismiss another’s perspective. Even though we don’t have to perceive through an experience we do not identify with, theirs should not even be our concern.

All are going through their own experience that is unique for them. And many who have greater experience in the reality can readily identify with where one is on the journey. That is why the wise ones always assist us in recognizing where we are on the journey and helping us to perhaps expand our view without negating what we already have and are going through. And even more so, that of another. Wise ones never try to change our beliefs to accommodate or confirm theirs. They assist us by seeing how we can expand our views to enforce our positive beliefs directly from where we already are.

Many times, certain ones expect that they must be saved by their “guru” or “leader” or “savior” or “teacher” or an “ascended master.” And yet for those that have truly studied from leaders, gurus, teachers or ascended masters has discovered. The most advanced ones always helped us to turn inwards to ourselves to be our own savior, leader, teacher, guru and so forth.

We cannot become that which we cannot embody ourselves. We do not go to a mirror and try to change the mirror to make us change. We change ourselves and the mirror changes to reflect what we have already done. This is true with our “outer” reality. We must be the change we choose to express. Another cannot change us by what they do. We must do it ourselves; a word to the wise.

And so, recognize that we must accept change within as we accept change without. When we “adopt” a new belief system we are not to validate our perception of it by invalidating our old one or any others perspective on the path that differs from ours. For all are on the journey of life expanding in the awareness of the Oneness. And all change clothing as they grow and mature. All stay on a certain stone on the path going up the river of life enjoying the beautiful view before deciding they need to perceive the view from the next stone upon the path and take in all the beauty that is offered there.

While this occurs, we find that we are always asking ourselves what we should wear. And we are best wearing whatever is most comfortable for us. Without denying our previous articles of clothing. Without expecting our entire family and/or friends to don our new outfit that we are wearing, spiritually speaking. Our clothes and outfits are ours and ours alone. What we choose to wear is for our sakes.

Love is inclusive and not exclusive. We must accept all that are experiencing their journey while being wherever they are on the path as being exactly where they need to be. And this includes ourselves. If we see our world getting more “exclusive” and our perspectives becoming very select. We have to review our perspectives and see that if we need to cast out so many others in order to feel self-righteous. Are we truly being helpful or of service to one another?

Remember, the sun shines on all. And though we might not identify with another’s experience. When we focus on our journey, we will always find that like attracts like. And our world will always include those that reinforce our beliefs. And that we would be much better off if we did not have a belief system that says that we must negate another in order to validate ourselves.

Thus, our path should be so joyous and expansive that we have no time and/or need to look upon another and say they should not be, because I AM. We all must be patient with ourselves and everyone else. And being happy and content to express ourselves as we see fit on the journey of life without having to throw out our old wardrobe of experience. Thus, allowing us to keep looking inward for change and to don the clothes we want to wear, spiritually speaking. To exploring and finding out how we algin our belief systems with expressing our joy to the best of our ability, will allow us to be happy with what we are wearing.

Fear can cause us to not have the ability to see clearly. And so, we need to know not only when we are seeing through the eyes of fear, but how we can identify and transform our fears into the true power that we are. For any fear can allow us to transform it into a tool of love, which is our true power. When we truly identify and honestly look at why we have a certain fear. We will find out that is and always has truly been an illusion. A masking of our eyes to view through fear has made those that are unaware feel that they must negate another by perceiving through class warfare, racism, divisions of religion and belief systems that are not alike.

In order for us to live a virtuous life we must remember that the heavens contain many mansions. Which means that all paths lead to God, All That Is, Oneness or any other term you want to give it. Those paths that includes service to one another and are inclusive are the most expeditious paths on the journey; skipping through the stones of perception upon the river of life up to the crest of Divinity. Those that are exclusive and include negation of another just because their belief system differs is a path that is longer and more arduous.

Love is expansive. Fear is contractive. Love includes in a way of acceptance. Fear excludes based on fear. Love removes the self imposed “shackles.”  And allows us to harmonize within and without. Fear brings about a perception of the need for division. Love express truth in all manner of ways. Fear accepts lies as the norm.

So, what should I wear? Love, or fear. A system of belief that accepts that every other one is going through their own journey? And allows for change that is focused on turning inward to Self-realize to find joy to live harmonious and to know they self? Or, a religion or belief system that excludes any other one as being “wrong” or untrue; and makes us beholden to another outside of self?

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran

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