A Call to Action

When we recognize that we are truly multidimensional beings we realize that we can tune into other forms of consciousness. We can hear what they are saying. Many recognize this as telepathy. A form of communication in which the consciousness receives communications directly through the mind. Without the need for verbal expression, physically speaking.  

As we begin to accept the fact that we can communicate in this manner we grow in so doing. Gaining experience as a child gains experience in recognizing that it can learn to speak. Many do not realize that there are whole communities on our world that are aware of this natural ability.

There are peoples of an aboriginal nature that are aware of this form of communication and utilize it readily. They have not excluded the group conscious awareness that most of us have. For they recognize that they can commune with one another, mentally speaking. And even peer into another’s experience, to perceive it directly through their own eyes. This is a form of “dream time” that some have heard of.  

Though in our “modern” era we have dismissed this as “extra-sensory” perception. The fact is that it is available to all of us if we can accept it. However, when we are never taught that we have this ability. It becomes a “challenge” to accept it. For belief is a great power that influences us. Even if it is a non-belief. Our beliefs are indeed very powerful.

Many who have had experiences and/or encounters with other worldly beings have experienced this. If you listen to those that have had these encounters, almost all of them will express that they received every form of communication through their mind. As a direct knowing of what was being communicated to them. Without the need for verbal expression, once again.

What many don’t realize is that this form of communication transcends language barriers. In other words, direct telepathic communication will allow meanings to be expressed regardless of the verbal language used. This is one of the reasons why as we increase in frequency, we expand in the usage of this form of direct conscious communion.

To that end, other worldly kingdoms also communicate in this manner. The elemental kingdom is responsible for co-creating with humanity the ecology of our planet. And they are very good at creating a wonderful environment from which we all benefit from. For without our bodily forms and our planet to give us expression through these bodily forms we would not have these experiences that teach us as a soul how to live, grow and develop.

Therefore, we must adhere to the “intuitive” insights that these fellow inhabitants give us. I say it in this way because some are more comfortable with considering what they receive as “intuitive” insights.

Nevertheless, the elementals have been saying something that we have been receiving from many others. For many that have had encounters with extra-terrestrials have also heard the same message. As well as those that have communed with Ascended Masters of our spiritual hierarchy. In fact, even the “animal” kingdom has been trying to tell us the same message. What message is this?

All our fellow brothers and sisters from many different expressions of consciousness have been telling us that we need to be responsible with our planet. We must be mindful of how we are caring for our planet. And humanity must awaken to the fact that we are the stewards of our world. We must care for our planet.

And we must think about how serious this is. If other worldly beings are willing to interact with humanity and take humans to other dimensional realities to make them aware of what is occurring on our planet. Then we must consider how we need to be responsible for our world.

Many have heard from each of these groups. And every form of conscious expression is telling us that we are needing to be responsible for our planet. We must stop polluting our planet with manufactured products that do not decay readily, with today’s technology. We must stop detonating nuclear devices that are creating rifts in the dimensional walls that are there for a purpose. We must stop deforesting our planet for profit. And we must stop taking what the elementals have created in a specific region and co-mingling it in another region without realizing the consequences.

Each of these forms of conscious expressions are willing to assist us in recognizing how to be responsible stewards of our planetary body. And we would be wise to listen, learn and remember what they are revealing. For we are our brothers’ keepers. And we must be willing to stand up for living righteously rather than greedily.

There are several ways to go back to living responsibly and all of them can and should be considered. For without our planet, we would not have a means of coming into physical expression to expand in conscious awareness. And the truth is that we must be responsible for all the children that are coming after us, who are also desirous of expressing in physicality.

There is a way of expressing this that I have heard from the Native-Americans. We are only borrowing our land from our children. For it is to them that this land belongs. They have gifted us with their land so that we can prepare the way. So, it is our responsibility to take care of this precious gift our children have gifted us.

Many are also needing to be reminded of the fact that the planet herself has a consciousness that expands as our consciousness expands. For we have a symbiotic relationship with our planetary body. As we “awaken” so does our planet. And when we awaken and yet chose to keep being irresponsible. Our planet will respond in kind.

In other words, we will see our planet produce earth changes that are not harmonious. For Gaia, as some call her, is reflecting our own creations back to us. And when we fill our world with discord. Our world responds with discordant change. Earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes, and plagues are in order when we are living discordantly.  

For all our creations come back to us to reflect to us how we have chosen to express ourselves. This is the law of the circle. Or in other terms, we reap what we sow. Karma in action. What you put out is what you get back. We are co-creators along with elementals, angels, and our planetary body, as well as our spiritual hierarchy. Not to mention those of the animal kingdom and other worldly beings and other dimensional expressions.

To have this many forms of creation telling us of where we are at should awaken us as to our responsibilities. We must be responsible stewards of our world. We should be expanding our conscious awareness in a responsible way. This means listening to those who are trying to lovingly tell us where we need to be course correcting ourselves.

Corporations and economies are not the only consideration of our reality. In fact, in time, we will be beyond these means of expression as all these other kingdoms that reside in our reality already do function without these means quite peacefully and harmoniously. Elementals, our spiritual hierarchy and virtually every other dimensional expression in existence functions without the need to express through economies based on monetary systems.

Rather than being concerned with leaving our planet to go to mars, we should be concerned with listening to all our galactic neighbors and our own planetary kingdoms that are all telling us about the precious and beauteous world we already have. Which can become an expansive paradise if we would be wise with our way of expressing on our world.

Many have heard communications from each of these groups telling us that we need to focus our attention on what we already have. In love they have each expressed that we need to be responsible. And I tell you I have heard this word so many times. Over and over this is what is being communicated.

Thus, let us do our part. Remember the power of belief. Rather than focus on what is occurring. Let us focus on the power of change that we can make happen. If each of us can focus on desiring to live in a paradise planet, we can manifest this. We can change our reality, by means of the law of the circle. What we think really does manifest. For we are co-creators.

We need to think that each of us is responding to our awakening and expanding conscious awareness by being responsible stewards of our planetary body. By recognizing that we can think our reality into perfection. For elementals create by thought. Other dimensional beings create by means of thought. Our spiritual hierarchy manifests by thought. Therefore, we manifest by thought. Let us think that all of us will and are taking action to support responsible living.

Love focusing on being responsible. Love one another by being considerate to our various kingdoms. The animals, elements and every form of conscious expression are helping us. For anyone who has truly studied the ecosystem knows that the world knows how to balance herself. Even if this requires a balancing of human expression. Which is already occurring.

Let the wise take heed. Let the loving express in kind. Let the expansion of responsible living occur. Let the power of thought manifest a reality that recognizes the perfection that already exists. Let the balance occur in a most loving way. For we are all returning to balance. Blessed Gaia, expand as we do. Our thoughts are that this occurs in a most harmonious and loving way.

Many Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran

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