Gabriel F Duran

Gabriel F Duran

Albuquerque, NM – USA

I had what I perceive as my spiritual awakening in this lifetime within the 2005-2007 timeframe. This opened me to a greater portion of Creation in a very direct way. Which took me on a path that included numerous initiations and activations. As I delved into researching and studying consciousness and spirituality, I also began interacting, on a more visceral level, with those from higher dimensional planes and non-terrestrial Beings began working with me.

  • Author/Writer/Speaker/Researcher of Consciousness and Spirituality
  • Hypnotherapist, CMS-CHt, FIBH that also includes the QHHT method, taught directly by/from Dolores Cannon.
  • Graduate from the School of Remembering – Awakening the Illuminated Heart (ATIH) Certification from Drunvalo Melchizedek
  • Host of Albuquerque Consciousness and Spirituality Explorers meetup
  • Channel of Interdimensional/Extradimensional Beings and various Cosmic, Angelic, Stellar and Ascended Master sources
  • Contactee/experiencer of extraterrestrials. As well as an aspiring member of the Great White Brotherhood.
  • Blogger @ Divinity In Us – by Gabriel F Duran @  https://blog.divinityin.us
  • website @ http://divinityin.us
  • podcast @ https://podcast.divinityin.us
  • https://soundcloud.com/user-381139216

I am bringing forth the wisdom from our ancestors and our cosmic and stellar families through shamanistic practices that acknowledge and instill us with more of the truth of who we are. For we are Divinity manifest in Creation. Expanding and instilling our inherent and innate wisdom, from within to the without. As we re-member that we are Multidimensional Luminous Expressions of the Divine. Perceiving Creation as Individuated Fractals of Oneness, all here and now.

I feel I am now in a position in which I have wisdom to share concerning the consciousness shift/expansion that we are going through on an individual level as well as through the unified collective, or, whole of humanity.


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Speaking Engagements and Radio/Podcast Interviews

 I am available for speaking engagements and lectures. I speak about consciousness and spirituality, with a specific view towards ascension. As we are in the midst of a consciousness shift that is changing ALL of us. I feel that the information I have to share is important and timely.

Please contact me, if you are interested in having me present at your venue.

Bio list from Stargate to the Cosmos conference…

Many Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran


Divinity In Us! Through the knowledge, use and cooperation with our “I AM” Presence we may obtain our perfection and ascend and realize our full divinity. We discuss the Ascended Master teachings and develop on their instructions for ascending. Through our Divinity within us, we bring forth our own Mastery of all of our energies, chakras and bodies. We are Ascended Master Light Beings, becoming. Bringing Heaven to Earth, we ascend with Gaia. Through Unity Consciousness and Oneness with all, we bring forth the next and permanent Golden Age. For we have Divinity In Us!

Gabriel F Duran

By Gabriel F Duran



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