Seeing Through the Eyes of the Soul

Perception through the eyes of the soul brings about a reality never beheld before. To awaken from the abyss discovered within is to arise from the mire of Maya beheld in the without. To give up the external eyes of seeing and ears of hearing brings about the silence of sight and sound that exist …

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Love Transcends

The ability to recognize the power of love is to live in a state of fulfillment. For love is the most powerful action that illuminates both the giver as well as the receiver and which instills the purity of wisdom. Thus, illumination occurs when love is expressed in its purest way and received in like …

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The Path

Download file… The Path – by Gabriel F Duran of Divinity In Us The path to tread, unique to all. The one who finds it led by Self is the one who transcends the lesser self. The way to perceive is derived from within. In the heart-center is the path that is known as the …

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Beloved Saint Germain and Omri-Tas

The following is a recorded reading I have composed from the publication Pearls of Wisdom published by The Summit Lighthouse. This particular Pearls of Wisdom is from a dictation given by the Beloved Saint Germain and Omri-Tas. I have furnished a link to where you may subscribe to the Pearls of Wisdom. I hope you enjoy …

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