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Ever-Present Ascended Host

I was listening to a talk by a prominent speaker, once. And I was surprised as the speaker took questions from the audience. As one of the participants of the conference came forth questioning the actions of those from the Ascended Host, i.e. the Ascended Masters. In particular, the audience member was under the “misguided” …

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The Knowing We Have

When we turn inward, with our attention and sincerity heart-centered, we bring ourselves into a resonant state of “knowing.” This is something we each, inherently have. This is our “birthright.” And when we bring this state of being into our reality we bring about more confidence. And this, in turn, brings forth more “knowing”. Many …

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Purity – Consciously Brought Forth

When we are operating from our heart-center we bring forth a purity that “all” feel. And, in fact, we begin “attracting” others to us. As they recognize the purity that we emit, when we maintain this state of being. A comforting presence to others is what we then become. As long as we maintain this …

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What is Human Effluvia?

Humanity fails to realize that at ALL times we are Creating. As we chose to be co-Creators in physicality. And when we “fell” from the 5th dimensional realms, we “lost sight” that allowed us to see our Creations. This is the “All Seeing Eye”, that we each have known as the 3rd eye. The Ajna …

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Ever Harmonious

Since we are now in a period of accelerated manifestation, we would be wise to adhere to the state of being, harmonious. When we maintain harmony throughout our feeling world, our ability to remain in our desired state of a higher frequency is easily steadfast. And it is this harmonious state of being that allows …

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