The Experience of Reality

Consciousness is truly eternal and infinite. To perceive it any other way is to bring about a “limitation” of consciousness. However, to go through an “experience” of self-reflection so as to know oneself; or in other words to go through a process of Self-realization. The infinite consciousness has to bring about a way of perceiving …

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Love Transcends

The ability to recognize the power of love is to live in a state of fulfillment. For love is the most powerful action that illuminates both the giver as well as the receiver and which instills the purity of wisdom. Thus, illumination occurs when love is expressed in its purest way and received in like …

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Limitless I AM Even Now

In times of need we all have and need God’s speed of thinking, feeling and Being. Knowing that all is instilling through our thoughts in our minds and in our feelings from within our hearts; is a distilling that is occurring all within and throughout our entire Being from God’s loving heart. In Divine alchemy …

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The Cosmic Clock and God’s Merciful Flame from Within

As we expand in consciousness, we expand in all of our Godly attributes. These may be realized by expanding in awareness of the cosmic clock. The cosmic clock is science of charting the cycles of the soul’s karma and initiations on the twelve lines of the clock under the hierarchies of the Great Central Sun. …

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Balance Through the Three-fold Flame

God’s energies come through us from above (spirit). And from these we qualify them into the below (mater). Where God’s energy does come through in full tow. Forever more to be a restoring essence of God’s love from above. As a gift from heavens grace does bestow the light aright. The following is a revelation …

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Divine Alchemy

We are all transforming in a great way. As conscious perceptions expand, we perceive our reality from a heart-centered soul perspective more and more. Giving our persona an enfolding within our soul means that we are less concerned with the “limiting” view from our ego/carnal mind. As we embody this expansion, we see our lives, …

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Violet Flame in Me Now!

The time to go beyond the constraints of 3D living, is now. As in the “past” we always assumed that we were “victims” of circumstance. And this led to our perceiving through a very narrowly focused form of consciousness. Which further enforced the notion that we were “limited”, yet again. This is known, as partaking …

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