Decrees & Prayers from Ascended Masters


Beloved Presence of God I AM in me,

Release the good in my Causal Body manifest today!

Release the good in my Causal Body on God’s Fulfillment Ray!

Release the good in my Causal Body and bless all life God’s way!

Ascended Master Paul The Venetian

Therefore, we on the Third Ray do implore each earnest chela to call to Lord Michael, the Archangel, to cut you free NOW from all known and unknown sources that could, at any time, use you as a channel for the expression of their destructive activities, and to help you to cognize and express always the good, the true, the lasting goodness of God, here on Earth, as it always expresses in heaven.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

I am but an open door, surrounded by blazing flame. I am invisible, not only to human discord and distress, but to the forces that oppose good—embodied and disembodied. There is no one to oppose, no one to strike at, no one to reach—for El Morya, the Maha Chohan and all the Ascended Host are behind “The Bridge to Freedom Activity,” within it, above it, below it, inside it, outside it, NOW AND ALWAYS. I am NOW enjoying boundless peace, protection and health, and an overwhelming supply of all good things, to enable me to serve this cause bountifully.


In the name of the Presence of God which I AM, by the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in me, I call to you, beloved Cassiopea, Himalaya, Kuthumi and the Brothers and Sisters of the Golden Robe, to ask you to direct, hourly, your Illumination Flame through me, my loved ones and all mankind, until we all ascend into the light. Help me, my loved ones and all mankind to perceive, daily, your Illumination Flame in our minds, feelings and bodies. We thank you because we know that from this very moment, this is taking place.

(From Bridge To Freedom Journal Book 4 & 5)

Summit LightHouse

Summit LightHouse Spiritual Decrees

Decrees – A Tool for Spiritual Acceleration

The ascended masters teach that the Science of the Spoken Word is a step-up of all prayer forms East and West.

It combines prayer, meditation and visualization with what are called dynamic decrees, placing special emphasis on affirmations using the name of God — I AM THAT I AM.

Decrees differ from regular prayer because they have been taken from the words of the saints and masters of East and West. Because these enlightened ones have reached the highest levels of intimate communion with God, their words are like ropes that we too can use to sustain a strong spiritual connection.

They are sacred formulas for the release of God’s power…



Summit LightHouse

Start Your Day – The Heart, Head and Hand Decrees

Start Your Day – The Heart, Head and Hand Decrees





Saint Germain Foundation “I AM” Decrees



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Ascended Master Teaching Foundation Songs & Decrees




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