Ascended Host

Ever-Present Ascended Host

I was listening to a talk by a prominent speaker, once. And I was surprised as the speaker took questions from the audience. As one of the participants of the conference came forth questioning the actions of those from the Ascended Host, i.e. the Ascended Masters. In particular, the audience member was under the “misguided” …

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The Power of the Now

Power Within Now It is from within the now moment that we actually get things accomplished. When we are shown how we expend energy throughout the day with our energy and our thoughts being diverted to some past event that usually was not a pleasant experience. Then we suddenly “snap” out of that thought and …

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Our Divine Sacred Heart

When we are told to go within, we are truly desiring to get in touch with the Divine Sacred Heart. It is from within this Divine Sacred Heart, that we get in touch with who we truly are. Divinity is always within. And, the more we grow spiritually speaking, the more we realize that everything …

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